Certified Hootsuite Professional

Hootsuite Certified ProfessionalAlthough M3SM have been using Hootsuite as a tool for many years now, time has always been against the team to gain the stamp of approval for their knowledge and expertise. That was until now, when Tracy Spence took a day out to go through the Hootsuite course and sit the exam.
Tracy not only passed the exam, but passed with 99% (what was that elusive 1%). As a Certified Hootsuite Professional, not only does Tracy now appear on their website, but it does mean that Tracy has access into incredible insights and benefits that this amazing tool has to offer.
Hidden deep within Hootsuite are analytics and data, and unbelievable ways to research, find now clients and new product markets too.
Tracy has delivered many training courses on Social Media, but with some additional knowledge gained whilst studying for this exam, Tracy feels that the M3SM Social Media Training Courses will take companies to the next level!

As we enter into  the New Year, on a personal level we often make a lot of New Years resolutions that sometimes we do not keep:
Starting a diet, stopping smoking, cleaning the car more regularly…
As a business, you may do the same, but by way of new targets and goals. You may rethink your business strategy and also rethink your business costs.
This is the time when a few companies rethink how they can become more visible on the web, and Search Engine Optimisation becomes more crucial to their Digital Marketing Strategy.
It is also the time when some companies are not realising their return on investment from their online strategies, and stop their Digital Marketing spend.
January is a game changer for some businesses, and it certainly makes for interesting moments for SEO experts like M3 Strategic Marketing Ltd who see changes with their client positioning on the web because client online competition may slow down or gather pace.
However, as with any New Years resolution, your business will have measurable goals and targets. Search Engine positions may change, and often do, so our focus is not on website ranking, but is all about making sure your business grows, by working with you to achieve your goals and targets.
With this approach, we can be sure our clients are seeing a return on their Digital Marketing spend.
Have you ever heard the phrase “You can lead a horse to water, but cannot make him drink”. SEO alone is a little like that, any SEO expert can get visits to your website. Our clients know that we aim to get RELEVANT visits on to your website, and then continually discuss how we can ensure your website visitors then turn into prospects for you to convert, or actual online sales.
Want to know more? Call us on 01604 328899 or email tracy@m3sm.co.uk

As a part of our strategic growth plan, we are moving to bigger and better offices.
Still staying on the prestigious Northampton Science Park, we are moving to Unit 20 Babbage House, which is ideally suited to our IT requirements with High Speed internet access, and also to our growing team.
We are moving in with our offline marketing partner Source DPM, and now between us we can cover most of your marketing needs from one place.
Both the Source website and our own will undergo a few changes in the coming weeks to reflect our alliance, and the changes we are making.
From 1st November 2013 our new address will be:
Babbage-House-Map-300x253Unit 20 Babbage House, Northampton Science Park, Kings Park Road, Moulton Park, Northampton, NN3 6LG.