Content Strategy

Content is important for so many platforms, especially within the digital space. The success of Digital Marketing is heavily reliant on not only the type of content that is created and distributed, but also how that content is optimised.

The digital space is continually inundated with blog posts, pictures, video content, infographics and cutting through this noise is important for any company’s success.

You might be thinking, “why does the web really need me, as a business, generating a lot of words, videos or images and distributing it?”. Well, here are 3 key reasons why you should be a part of the “Content Generation”:

1) It will engage with your target audience and market: It will make them interested in the topic you are discussing or promoting. Good quality blogs, videos, images, and infographics will ensure that the people you most want to reach are actually hearing about your business products and services.

2) It’s is easy to share: Having blog posts that your target audience will want to share (whether through Social Media, Email or Word of Mouth) can be instrumental to growing your audience and business.

3) It can be analysed and optimised: The importance of analysing the content your company produces should never be underestimated. If you do not know which article, video or image is successful and which is not, then how can you improve? Therefore, spending time learning how to properly analyse the content you have created, distributed and shared and also ensure you have KPIs in place that you measure against.

There are 3 key reasons why content is so important for digital marketing. So often it is said that “Content is King” and for your Digital Marketing Strategy’s success, it needs to be an integral part of the plan.
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Content Strategy

When you are stuck as to what to write (like I am right now) this is when a content plan would come in very useful.
For example, if you are a garden fence company who wishes to sell fencing and gates, then you might have a seasonal calendar plan. March/April here in the UK is the time when people start to enter their gardens more frequently, start the after winter tidy up and look to see what improvements they can make. Your content plan would have addresses this in December or even January, with a view to getting relevant content published well in advance.
If you sell gifts, again your content plan would be based around events like Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day, Valentines day and so on.  We all know that Valentines Day comes around on the same day every year, but marketers should have this planned and catered for.
Your content should be around 300-400 words, and so an ideas folder may help. You can gather ideas for discussion from magazines and newspaper articles, or you can use a tool to bookmark or save different web pages for future reference. Gathering ideas from other Marketers and then planning your own unique content around this idea can be time saving.
Your content should be relevant to what you do, after all that is why people visit your website, to discover news and information about the products and services you provide.  We have had to advice clients that discussions based around their dog walking is not relevant when you are selling widgets, and it does not help the relevancy score on your website, and therefore does not help you get found for widgets.
To help guide you, you should have a list of base keywords that describe your products or services (not longtail, these will become readily available within your content as you start to write – just  like the phrase “longtail keyword” has just magically arrived within this blog post).
Where it is appropriate, you may want to link to other blog posts and web pages to enhance a particular element of your blog post too. For example, if I wanted to send you to a page all about SEO, then I would link that word “SEO” to a page or blog post on my site – just like I have done here … SEO
The small things like backlinks are not essential for the plan, but a simple excel spreadhseet with the months (or weeks), keywords you are looking to write about, and a draft title and description all sat within your ideas folder will help you make sure you do not miss that important marketing date.
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