Social Media – Good or Bad?

Whilst watching yet another programme stating how bad Social media is for children, I thought I would write about a very different viewpoint.
You see, we totally agree that children should be protected whilst being online. We agree that children should have a balance in their life too, and that fresh air and exercise is very important and to be encouraged.
As a responsible parent myself, I encourage my children to be active, to learn different things, to read books, to engage in everyday conversations. We eat dinner at a table every day as a family, we grow our own fruit and vegetables, we help out our favourite charities by volunteering… and so we totally agree with these programmes.
But there are always exceptions.
And whilst watching a programme about Cyber Bullying, I felt obliged to share a story…
Imagine a child, in a world that is not the same as yours and mine. Slightly different from his other friends. This child has a syndrome that is not intelligence based, but makes him visibly different from the others.
At school he is bullied, and at best ignored. He wants a girlfriend, but is too frightened that he will be turned down and laughed at… again. The teachers cannot do anything about the bullying, yet they are aware of it. He does not like school much, but he wants to learn. The bullying at school has undermined his confidence in front of people.
Yet, in front of his computer, he is a different person.
His “friends” cannot see what makes him different, they cannot see his strange ways, the things that make him stand out from the “normal” child.
He laughs out loud, he sings along with his friends at they share their latest songs, he plays challenge games, they create online businesses and cities. They all have fun, he has fun. He becomes a confident boy in a world where his friends all know him to be the intelligent and funny boy he really is, not strange at all, not odd or different…
So you see, sometimes we have to think differently and slightly out of the box.
I just wanted to share…
Thanks, Tracy Spence.

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