Web Designs

A website needs to look amazing to create that first impression (It takes 3 second for a person to make up their mind as to whether they will look further). But once you get the visitors to your website, you need them to sign up or buy.

We not only create beautiful websites that are targeted to your target audience and branded using your very own design,  but we build them using “Conversion Architecture”.

What is Conversion Architecture?

Conversion Architecture is the process of identifying the route in which your buyers are likely to go based on their own past experiences with your company, products or services. We identify and put into place “funnels” that show your potential buyers the path they should take, and increases the chances of them spending money with your company, or registering an interest to find out more (depending on your business goals, which will will identify in our FREE No Obligation Initial Consultation).

Each client is different, but once we understand your business better, we are better positioned to help you get it right. So we would recommend that we arrange an initial consultation to better understand you needs.

But having a great looking website doesn't stop there, you need to tell your target audience you exist, and that involves letting Google know about your website too. Google changes it's algorithm more than daily and uses over 200 signals to "rank" where it will show a website.

Website Hosting

When you launch your website, hosting has to be a consideration. Buying cheap website hosting does not always mean you get good value. Some cheap website hosting companies offer a shared space with no cap on the amount of companies hosted on the same server, and cramming websites on a server can lead to problems. Some cheap hosting companies will also charge for optional extras such as emails or even regular website back ups, and hosting with a company that does not back your website up means you need an alternative disaster recovery plan.

Furthermore, can you be sure your "Hosting company" is not a one man band with a server in his spare room?

When hosting your website security and reassurance is important, and the only optional extras should be things such as SSL certificates and Malware Monitoring.

Our website hosting partner company are UK based and offer excellent value for money. Using cloud based servers it means the up-time for your website is as high as possible, and your website and database if you have one (you will always have a database if you are looking to host a WordPress website) are backed up daily. In addition to this, emails are offered as standard and are separated from the website so that even if for some reason your website does go down, your emails may not.

Ask about our hosting services, call us on 01604 328899

Website Security

Website security is really important to all businesses who offer a product or service online. After all, you wouldn't go out and leave your unattended physical shop or office door unlocked, so why do the same for your website?

Cyber security is always in the news, and specialist insurance companies offer cyber insurance to mitigate loss if you are unfortunate enough to have your data (or other) stolen. In fact only recently the BBC stated that "Nearly six million fraud and cyber crimes last year, ONS says".

"Almost 6 million fraud and cyber crimes were committed last year in England and Wales, the Office for National Statistics has said. It estimated there were 2 million computer misuse offences and 3.8 million fraud offences in the 12 months to the end of March. Of the 2 million computer misuse incidents, 1.4 million involved a computer or internet-enabled device being infected with a virus. The remaining 0.6 million crimes related to "unauthorised access to personal information" - such as hacking."

If your website is hacked, you run a risk of data being misused or stolen, but also your website may need to be taken offline to be repaired, or may infect your website visitors, spreading any malicious virus that may have been added to your website. Often these malicious viruses (called Malware) are not visible, and carry on unawares, spreading around your unprotected web visitors. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to protect your website from such attacks wherever possible.

Next Steps

Our aim is to maximise your online opportunities, increase your revenues and improve your efficiencies. Contact us now for your FREE Initial No Obligation Consultation.