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SEM Rush Blog – 3 steps to website conversion

Having been approached by SEM Rush (digital marketing blog ranked #10 in the world) to become a blog contributor, I was delighted to take them up on the offer/opportunity.
To be approached by someone as well thought of as SEM Rush was indeed a bit of an honour, and also a surprise.
The task was daunting, they have a strict set of rules that a contributor has to adhere to, and the standard 300-400 words for a blog piece was too small for them. So, I planned what I was to write about and then embarked on what turned out to be almost a thesis on the subject of website conversion.

What is website conversion?

Website visitors often browse your site, and a few of them then become paying customers. The paying customers have converted into sales. Hence conversion. A website conversion does not need to be a sale, it can be any kind of goal you set as a business. Maybe a lead, a download or a telephone call.

Why do website conversions matter?

Clearly, the more conversions you get, the better your online business will develop.
How do I convert more? 
There are a few tricks of the trade that are shown in far more detail on the SEM Rush Blog I wrote here:
Basically, if you increase conversion, you may not need to continue to direct more traffic to your website to increase the number of goals. It’s a mathematical equation that works.
Therefore, if you are paying for clicks on your website (for example) and increase your conversion rate, your cost per sale (or lead, or download, or telephone call) is reduced.

Getting a better website conversion rate is a money saver!

Check out the blog I wrote for SEM Rush here:

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