Podio- The Future of work is here

Sharing and openness win in collaboration
Podio users lead the way in proving openness is key to eliminating silos and collaborating efficiently. Rather than assigning tasks privately, twice as many tasks on Podio are shared openly in teams. Likewise, status messages beat private messages by 80 percent!
‘Liking’ means more at work
Over half the workers on Podio use the ‘like’ feature to recognize the efforts of their colleagues. These simple acts motivate teams, build momentum, and push projects forward.
The sharing world cup: Europe 1 – 0 USA
European Podio users are 16 percent more likely to openly share what they’re working on over their US counterparts.
Happy Mondays
They’re no Monday blues for Podio users. More tasks are completed on Monday than any other day of the week! Monday’s also a day of planning for the week ahead with most tasks being assigned on this day, too.
Its all about getting things done
More than 30 percent of Podio Mobile users are living the dream! Working from anywhere and using Podio as much on their phones as on the web or even more. Leading the path in getting things done. After all, work is what you do. Not where you do it from.
How do I get on Podio? That’s easy… Sign up for free at podio.com
We are also offering a FREE training session on Podio, so get signed up and get in touch to find out more.  Email Tracy@M3SM.co.uk NOW

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