What is Pinterest?
And how can I use it for my business?

You think you are starting to understand Social media, then along comes another one that throws your Internet marketing Strategy off course.
Pinterest is an online pinboard. At home or in the office, if you get a postcard you like, you pin it to the board, if you get a voucher or coupon, it goes on the board, an important business card… on the board, that new coat… a picture of it goes on the board. Your board gets cluttered, and everynow and then you have a clear out and throw away the things that you have not used in a while, or put the memories in a box for the attic.
Pinboard is a virtual way of doing all of this, with a very big exception… everyone can see your board. Your memories, your likes, your choices…
Imagine if someone happens to like something you are selling and “pins” it to their pinboard called “products I love”, perhaps you are a travel company and someone pulls in a photo from your website and pops it onto a board called “places I have been” or “places I would love to visit”

Pinboard and its use in business perhaps can now start to be seen.

Lets take the travel example.
Someone pulls in your photo from your website.
It links back to your website in the first instance, which means now pinterest is showing people where they can see more about this particular place.
Secondly, that person is actively saying they like this place and has either been there before and enjoyed it, or would like to go. In either case, this is an opportunity. If they have been before, they may want to go again, if they have not been, perhaps it is on the radar for the future.

So, how would you deal with this?

Of course, you have to know that someone is pinning your photos… and we have been advised of a great tool that helps you to discover this:
If you find someone has pinned a photo from your website, there is no reason at all that you cannot say, thank you for pinning, or even… we are glad you like, and we have a great deal… click here to see more.
Remember, it is not just the person who pinned the photo to their board who can see this. But you do need to be a pinterest member to be able to comment.
Here is a link to some really interesting facts about pinterest
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