M3SM In Collaboration With Waterbourne Ltd Support British Water At House Of Lords

M3SM are proud to be in collaboration with Waterbourne Ltd to support British Water and their members with their marketing services, including consultation and training. The training we offer specialises in displaying how marketing, both digital and traditional, and sales can best work together in a business to business capacity and help to develop strategies to increase conversions for British Water, whatever they may be.
Waterbourne Ltd is a full service marketing and business development company with experience in a variety of industry utility sectors. Waterbourne Ltd have found that the most successful formula to penetrate these markets is an integrated sales and marketing campaign. It is the collaboration between Waterbourne Ltd and M3 Strategic Marketing that brings these necessary skills together. To find out more about Waterbourne Ltd and the services they offer, visit their website.
British Water is an association with wide and varied membership covering a large range of sectors of the water industry. Their aim is to initiate partnership with the water companies to benefit the British Water industry.
This week, Michael Spence from M3 Strategic Marketing was fortunate enough to be invited by Waterbourne Ltd to the British Water Winter Reception at the House Of Lords. With speeches from The Earl Of Selborne, Chris Loughlin, chairman of British Water, and Neil Parish, the event offered some important insight into British Water and how they can grow even further in the years to come with help from a range of different businesses and individuals.
Previous attendees to this event include chief executives of major water companies, members of the Houses of Parliament, the Department of International Trade, DEFRA, Ofwat, the Environment Agency and more. Only British Water members and their invited guests are able to attend this event with an operating waiting list for others wanting to attend, which makes our presence even more rewarding.
The British Water Winter Reception is an event that offers opportunity to open dialogue with new contacts, welcome new members to British Water and also to promote your business to key industry figures. This is a great business opportunity for Waterbourne Ltd and M3SM as well as being there to support British Water in the growth in their association.
This event can be used as a positive platform to highlight how marketing services can be beneficial to this industry and other industries in the business to business sector. Marketing is not just about persuading a consumer to buy a product, business to business marketing is about promotion of goods and services to other businesses.
At M3 Strategic Marketing, we will discuss with you a strategy, independent to your business, that you are happy with and that will work for you! The British Water association proves that any business and any industry can benefit from marketing, you just have to find what marketing services work for you and what doesn’t.
For more information on the services M3SM can offer you or for a free website audit, visit our website. If you would like to find out more information on the work of the British Water association, read more about them here.

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