HOW TO speed up Google Chrome

Is Google Chrome Too Slow for You?

For months now, Google Chrome has been getting slower for us here in the M3SM office.
Google Chrome is such an impressive browser, with a lot of hidden and very useful applications, uses and extensions, that we are loathed to move over to a different, less friendly browser, and most definitely all of us refuse to use Internet Explorer unless we are testing websites as we build them, and even them we groan when we have to.
But with the extensions that we use in-house for Social Media especially, Chrome opens up a new iterence and causing your computer to become very slow.

We found the solution!

Its really very simple… Go To chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area
Change the default to 512
Scroll down to the bottom and Relaunch Google Chrome
HOW TO speed up Google Chrome
The system will go slow as it re-configures, for about 30 seconds, so you need to be really patient, and then the speed difference is instantaneous and significant.

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