Important Tips & Questions to Ask Yourself Regarding Lawful Image Use
Failing to abide by copyright laws and neglecting to purchase the proper licensing for images can have costly repercussions. To ensure you are protected, we have compiled a list of important questions to ask yourself in the process.
Images You Have Sourced…
Do I require licensing for this image?
In what manner am I able to use this image under the specified license agreement?
Does / When will the license agreement expire?
Images Sourced by a Supplier
Has the Supplier purchased the image legally?
Does the Supplier have the proper license for use of this image?
Where did the Supplier source the image from?
If the image was from a standard template or image gallery, does the Supplier have the appropriate license for images used in the reselling process?
Does the Supplier have a copy of the license they can provide?
TIP: It’s important to keep a record of your licenses and / or receipt of images you have purchased to ensure you are protected if any discrepancies arise. We recommend maintaining a spreadsheet of images used.
If you are uncertain about what type of licensing you require for certain images or whether or not a particular image is subject to licensing at all, ensure you contact the image library for further clarification.

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