Combatting Web Conquesting

The Conquest

In your own business you will find new and inventive ways of “outdoing” your competition. “Conquesting” has been around for a long time but because of the internet, it has made a comeback and it needs to be managed. It sounds good for you, but turn things around, and when you are on the receiving end, things are not so good.

The Traditional Conquest

This is where a business position their advertisement (for example) directly next to that of their competition in order to benefit from the marketing efforts of their competitors. For example in print, if your competition pays for a large advert that attracts attention, you could place your smaller, less expensive advert directly underneath, so benefitting from the immediate grab of the large advert, benefitting from this Traditional Advertising Conquest.
You will also see this on the supermarket shelves where supermarket own brands sit next to major brands.

The Web Conquest

When it comes to the web, most of us search online using the major search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is the area that the results of Pay per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can easily be seen.
A web conquest technique, similar to that of traditional conquesting can be used in SEO campaigns and PPC campaigns (although Google monitor brand names and often disapprove the advert). By creating pages on a website, writing about a competitor’s brand, acquiring some good quality links, a web page could feature at the top of the results, despite not owning that brand.
And what if that company is getting negative reviews and is dominating the search engines with your branded keywords on their website?
As you can see, this is damaging, and monitoring your brand online can ensure that you are in a position to stop this happening before it gets out of hand.
Research your own brand or brands. Ensure that other sites are not brand squatting to your detriment and be prepared to do something about it if they are.
But conquesting can be considered an effective form of marketing and by benefiting from a bigger name brand, it can be cost effective. As long as companies do not post false defamatory comments regarding their competitors then it is difficult to have these reviews or web pages removed. In fact, if you try, sometimes this can backfire and create a bad review when there was not one to start with.

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