British Water Workshop – At Google.

Today saw M3 Strategic Marketing taking over rooms at Google in St Giles, London.
When British Water asked us to deliver a workshop all about Google to their members, what better place to hold it than at Google’s London H.Q. in St Giles. Being a Google Partner means that Google support us from day to day, which in turn means we can deliver that expertise direct to our clients, in this case British Water.

British Water Google Micro Moments
Google presenting “Micro Moments”

A full day of training on Synergistic Marketing, which pulls offline and online together, was delivered by Derek Bourne of Waterbourne Ltd, Michael Spence and Tracy Spence. In addition, Google delivered a presentation all about “Micro Moments”and played the “Higher or Lower” game with the audience too.
The room was bursting at the seams and British Water had a reserve list of people waiting in the wings, and no one cancelled at the last minute.
The workshop itself was jam packed with useful insights, suggestions of tools to help the companies in attendance, hints, tips and the questions flowed.

British Water Workshop at Google
Michael Spence – Moments of Truth

Unfortunately, the day itself was marred with the terrorist attack on Westminster that same afternoon, just a mile down the road, but it did not stop the learning.
British Water have asked us to deliver the same again but near Manchester, and we will also be delivering a series of smaller, more detailed workshops targeted at different levels of knowledge a little later in the year.

Thank you for an excellent training workshop on Digital Marketing yesterday. I think most attendees were overwhelmed with your knowledge and it is clear that we could have delivered a full day or two day training course!
Lila Thompson – International Director, British Water

Most website hacks come from insecure code being exploited. The attack code is hidden within the millions of lines of code that make up your website. When a security flaw becomes known, all vulnerable websites can be compromised within a very short time frame.

You need robust defenses to prevent hackers from infecting your website. By taking away the methods used to crack your insecure code, the malware attackers attempts become useless. Eliminate all website security vulnerabilities and replace them with a blocking page for anyone who dares to exploit them.

For  less than the price of a cup of coffee per working day, can you afford to be without Website Firewall?

If you owned a car, you might invest in an annual car service, you may pay a monthly fee for breakdown recovery, and you most certainly would pay for insurance either monthly or annually.
Every year, as a car owner, you budget for something that may go wrong, and you plan ahead for a replacement car when the costs get too great, and factor in depreciation for age, wear and tear and new technologies that mean spare parts are harder to come by.
A car is very important to you.
As a business owner with a business website, your site may generate business leads or sales, it may save you time, it may act as a team intranet. Therefore, it should also be important to you. Yet when you create a business website, you don’t always plan for the future. You simply pay for the site to be hosted somewhere and don’t often give it another thought until it goes wrong.
In the news recently, Marks and Spencer blamed their broken website on the decline of their online sales.
As digital marketers, we look regularly at the larger company websites. Mainly to gauge the latest trends. We have spotted many sites (including Marks and Spencer) that have been broken. It happens!
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It does however, raise some questions

  • Who  are monitoring these sites?
  • Who are making remedial changes?
  • Who are maintaining the website?
If your website is important to your business, you really should have a method of servicing your site.

Maintenance Package

Changes and small fixes can be made. Usually the cost of a regular maintenance package is less than an hourly rate or day rate because resource can be planned.

Site and Database Back-Up Package

Regular website back ups and database back ups are not always included with your hosting package.  If your website gets defaced, or broken, how quickly can you rebuild it or recover it?

Refresh and Rebuild Planning

Like a car, a website will depreciate, start to break and may begin to look dated  as fashion changes. You should plan to refresh and even rebuild your website every few years. A monthly plan will ensure you have enough in the bank to let this happen.
Like everything,  software dates and eventually breaks. But with a website, this does not always need to be the cause for your website to start to look strange, or not work as it did previously.
Any upgrades on the following may affect the way your site looks or functions.
  1. Browser
  2. Java Script
  3. PHP
  4. Security
  5. Server
  6. Software
6 good reasons to make sure you have a plan in place to support and maintain your website.
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Malware and hacking is a real threat – with 87% of small businesses hit by denial-of-service attacks in the last year.


Make sure you use the following 7 preventative measures:
1. Change your FTP (or SSH) password regularly.
2. Change your administrator password.
3. Check in your admin panel if there are additional admin users and change their passwords as well.
4. Remove any admin access that is not necessary.
5. Run regular virus scans on your personal desktop/laptop.
6. Update your website! One of the leading causes of infections is outdated software.
7. Backup your site!

An emergency website was requested of 273 Media Ltd late on Thursday 27th, the company required something very quickly as they were doing a leaflet drop at the weekend, and they had been let down.
Never a company to back down from a challenge, we created a design to match the company colours and logo, and built a wordpress website that was built on Friday morning. The content (and there was quite a bit, and lots of images too) was quickly sent over, and we added the content immediately.
The site is live at just gone 5pm on the Friday, approximately 24 hours later.
The site has a full content management system, and was built using the wordpress platform. It is hosted on our UK servers and we have also submitted the website to the search engines in the normal way.
Take a look at what we can do in a day!
Time for a well deserved weekend!