Google has changed the way it displays its search results, and these changes will probably affect your business.
Google Places now get shown more, so it is imperative that you use this to your advantage, make sure you are listed, and make sure to maximise the opportunities as well.
Googles’ changes mean that SEO has changed dramatically with a lot of companies losing up to 80% of their regular traffic, simply because they were not prepared.
Furthermore, this has also affected Pay per Click
Make sure you speak with your Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing Consultant to discover how the changes will affect you, and to make sure that your company have changed the way they work too.
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Offline we understand the meaning of being Social. We know that talking to others, getting to know and understand people, enjoying their company is being Social. Yet often online, this is confusing, especially to business owners who are looking to increase their revenues and perhaps reduce their costs too.
Yet being Social Online can do all these things, and more…
Business owners can network and chat online in the same professional way as you do offline. You can project that same professional image, communicate with existing customers and prospects, and also widen your horizons because you are not limited by how far you can travel, and how long it takes you to get there.
If done correctly, you can also save time, but “networking” online in more than 1 place at the one time.
If you are unsure of how Social media can help your business grow, contact us for your free inintial, no obligation consultation, and we will show you how.

Your Online Reputation is important

Here are some tips to help you manage yours.
Identify Actions needed
The first thing to remember, regardless of the digital marketing steps you take, is to always take a professional approach. Address any legitimate complaints that are raised. If however, you find comments that are untrue and unproven, there are other actions that you can take. Email or write to the owner of the website where the comment is placed, detailing the situation and requesting that they remove or amend the comment. There are laws that govern online defamation but if you can get a comment removed, this is always the best route.
Manage Your Domains
Some disgruntled customers and even former employees have been known to purchase similar domains to your own (like the .com when you own the .eu) and post harmful information or reviews there. Other possible domains may be or These should show up when searching for your company name.
Create a Positive Reputation
Even businesses that operate purely offline could find they are the subject of poor online press. Create a simple website and become an active member of the community around it. This can help build you a reputation as being an industry expert or authority and it can ensure that any negative reviews posted in the future take a back seat to the good reviews.
Ongoing Online Reputation Management
If you can run your business without making enemies or mistakes then it is highly unlikely that you will ever be on the receiving end of bad reviews. However, mistakes and accidents happen, and situations develop from even the most unlikely things.
So if you have a problem, that means you can’t meet your expectations as promised then tell your clients, potential customers, and your employees.