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Wednesday Webinar – E and I Overview october 2011
Try not to laugh at the irony of me NOT sharing my Foursquare bad review on Facebook and Twitter, because it was private between me and a major brand… yet I have shared it on a webinar… on this PDF… and I have promoted this on facebook, Twitter and Linked In too.
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Blogging has always been a really good way to market your content on the web. The creation of additional pages has always been valuable in your online Marketing strategy. But lately, Google has been testing lengthened URL’s and this gives us an opportunity to really work to get targetted information onto the web.
For the full article written by Search Engine Land, please click the link below:

Did you know that Facebook fan Pages can be optimised?

Yes, Google accepts that Facebook is a strong brand and a very well used one at that. Business and Fan Pages can really help you increase your visibility on the web.
Claiming your Vanity URL is a good start, then of course working as hard as you can to ensure your customers are getting exactly what they want helps too.
But Facebook offers so much more… If you want to know how we do it, give us a call and claim your free initial consultation.
Email info@m3sm.co.uk

Twitter has realised that when we are on the go, our security is at risk. So Twitter have increased security levels by introducing additional encryption by offering you the option of using https.
Simply go to your settings, scroll down and tick the box to be extra safe.

Google have introduced changes that they say will help keep counterfiet goods out of their advertsising space.
They say:

  • They will act on reliable AdWords counterfeit complaints within 24 hours.
  • They will improve our AdSense anti-counterfeit reviews.
  • They have introduced a new help center page for reporting counterfeits.

Surely this can only be good news, making sure we are purchasing quality goods on the web, and protecting brands too.

IMPORTANT FACEBOOK PRIVACY NOTICE: As of Friday March 18th Facebook will start using your photos in ads that will appear on the profile page of your contacts. It’s legal and is mentioned in the fine print when you create your account. To stop this, do the following:

Account > Account Settings > Click on the Facebook Ads tab at the top …> choose “No one” in the drop-down menu > Save Changes.

What is a QR Code?
273 media QR code (Quick Response code)QR stands for “Quick Response”. A QR Code is a 2D barcode or Matrix Code, which is used to hold data and information. If you have a smart phone, you can download a QR decoder app which will mean you can hold your phone to QR code and download that information in an instant.
How can you use QR Codes in your Marketing and Advertising?
* QR Codes can be placed on things like Business Cards, Business Banners, or any other physical product
* QR Codes can be placed on Advertising like printed postcards, leaflets, Billboards, Magazines or shop signage
* QR Codes can be placed on personal announcements and more.
What is a Social QR Code and How Can It Be Used?
A Social QR Code Allows users to easily scan a QR Code and it then directs people to a socially-designed Landing Page. From here, visitors can “Like” a Facebook fan page, “Follow” a Twitter profile, “Share” and “Tweet” content or a coupon with their “Friends” and “Followers”, or even interact with your printed advert by watching an embedded YouTube video. Place these QR Codes in shop windows, on menus, receipts, clothing, printed adverts…
Do People Use Facebook on their Mobile Phones?
It is suggested that there are more than 200 Million People accessing Facebook through their Mobile Devices. People that use Facebook on their Mobile Devices are twice as active on Facebook than non-Mobile Users.
Do People Scan QR Codes?

* In 2010, there was a 1600% Increase in Scans
* 30 to 40% of Smartphone Owners have downloaded some form of a QR Scanner, including me.
* On Average, a Unique User scans 2-3 Barcodes per month
* 28% of People with a Smart Phone Have Scanned a QR Code!
For more information on how you can integrate QR codes into your internet and mobile marketing strategy, call us on 01604 518121 or email info@273media.co.uk

M3 Strategic Marketing have launched a series of Short Courses to help your business understand Social Media.
They are all Hands on Courses, with just 4 people to a class, giving you the best possible attention.
And at just £25 per person plus VAT, they are great value for money and places are going fast!
Held every other Friday morning from 10am until 12pm, the courses cover Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Blogging.

Course Details:

Beginners Twitter and Facebook – for those who are trying to attract business from people aged between 16 and 34, or predominantly women.
Beginners YouTube and Blogging – for those who are trying to attract business from people aged between 35 and 54, or predominantly men.
Beginners Linked In and Google Places – For all business professionals.
Intermediate Course – Design, Linking, Syndicating and more… – A course that will take you to the next step, and help you with corporate branding at a low, low cost.
You will need to bring your laptop, carparking is free, tea and coffee are provided.
What are you waiting for? Let’s get Social!
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