What are social signals, and why are they important? A Social Signal is when someone values your web content enough to share, like, retweet or Plus 1 a link to your website socially.
What is happening when someone does this? Well it shows importance and relevance in a conversation.
For SEO we mix Social Signals with Semantic Web and Google Knowledge Graph, alongside various other methods to ensure relevancy for Googles Search Engine.
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The semantic web is a term that was used by Tim Berners Lee when he first created the web, so it is only right as a UK originated terminology, that we truly understand it and use it for UK SME business.
Tim Berners Lee used the term to describe a “web of data that can be processed by machines”.
The World Wide Web consortium have grasped this and evolved it into something that allows web users from all over to share data, information and views across the web. Semantic Information being the most important part – Semantic on the web meaning the focus on the relationship between content and people.
In other words, putting everything into context…
In real life we do this with the visual aid of body language and fascial expression, and we can tell what a person means by not only what they say but how they say it.
Have you ever misread an email because you cannot “see” the context”?

How can UK SME businesses use and benefit from the Semantic Web?

By understanding your users, what they are searching and HOW they are searching, you can change the content on your web to become adapted to their needs.
An example of this would be your Local Bank. In the past, your bank web content would perhaps include a few key words such as “Bank”, “Savings Accounts” and “Brand Name Bank”.
In real life we would never just walk up to someone in the street, tap them on the shoulder and say “Bank” – the person you are talking to would be confused, or think you were mad.
Instead you might say – “could you point me in the direction of the nearest bank please?”.
Online, instead of searching one word “bank” – people would search “Bank in Northampton”. With Social Media, people are asking questions of people online… and now search “Where can I find a Bank in Northampton?”
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Knowledge graph is a system whereby Google can pull together details and information on a topic. 

The information on the Knowledge Graph is derived from different places, and the aim is that users will be able to search the web, and instead of looking at a few sites and collating the information from the different places, Google’s Knowledge Graph will bring this into one place, increasing the benefit to their users and aiming to make Google’s search engine even more valuable and usable. 

Many thanks to Derek Bourne, The British Water SME Group and Atkins for allowing M3SM the opportunity to speak about Web Presence Optimisation at yesterdays British Water SME group meeting.
The presentation can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97IyiVK1TEM
The presentation itself created much dialogue as the topic of Social Media and how it offers an ROI is still one that is not yet fully understood as far as B2B marketing strategies are concerned. However working alongside partner companies such as Google and Raven , combined with our in-house Analytics team, M3 Strategic Marketing are confident that we can offer Web Presence Optimisation strategies that can not only deliver Goal based results but also can provide the data to prove an ROI on any companies Digital Marketing Strategies.
Some of the companies we have worked with include
Islamic Relief Organisation
BBS Granite
Life IT
Basilico Pizza
Neil and Barker Jewellery
Bite Consulting
Dubai Silicon Oasis
and many more
The offer is still available to those companies that attended to receive a free Digital Marketing assessment by contacting either Michael or Tracy on 01604 328899 or info@m3sm.co.uk
The following Companies were in attendance at this event
Environmental Treatment Concepts Ltd.
William Johnston & Company Ltd
Syrinix Limited
CSO Technik Ltd
Partech Instruments
Tynemarch Systems Engineering Ltd
Viking Johnson
Warden BioMedia
HPC Products
Utilities Valves Limited
Goodwin International Ltd
Conder Products
BHR Group
UKTI Strategic Trade Group

Michael Spence was asked by British Water to present “Web Presence Optimisation” at the forthcoming British Water SME Group event in London on the 22nd of February 2013.
Michael is a fully certified Internet Marketing Consultant, however his past 27 years work experience and qualifications in the Industrial Automation Industry and 5 years specifically dedication to the water industry makes him the ideal person to speak at this educational event hosted by the British Water SME group
Whilst there, Michael will connect with each British Water SME Group member offering them advice and guidance on their web presence optimisation strategies.
These strategies could include:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Planning
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Paid Advertising
  • Goal Determined Web Presence Analytics
  • Conversion Architecture
  • Online Reputation Management

A full strategic plan can sometimes take up valuable company resource, which is why companies often outsource one or two things on their list. After all, it is important to focus on your business, and leave the complexities of things like Digital Marketing to experts like M3 Strategic Marekting Ltd.
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Give your Web Presence and Search Engine Rankings a Boost with Video Marketing

Online videos are a great medium to showcase your products and services, especially now since so many users browse the Internet on their smart-phones and tablets, which offer a rich video experience.
The great thing about using videos for marketing is that you can crunch in so much information that engages three cognitive channels – audio, images and text. Video content drives action to improve conversion across all points of the sales cycle; from getting found on search engines to lead nurturing through to closing the sale.
The sooner businesses get video content out to customers (via their websites, landing pages, brochures (via QR code), social channels, emails, blogs and other marketing channels), the sooner they will realise how clients will become engaged with video content to drive marketing objectives.

How can video marketing on YouTube benefit your business?

  • You can use YouTube videos to promote your own business, products and for branding your business.
  • Over half of the traffic on the Internet is now video, so video marketing gives you access to tons of valuable back-links.
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Online videos can increase your exposure.
  • You can create, optimize and share short, informative and entertaining videos. A “viral” video can become unstoppable once set in motion.
  • Social media sites and video go hand in hand and most sites encourage video posting and sharing.

Leverage Video Marketing Using YouTube

Video is extremely powerful – not just because of the sheer number of people who view video sharing sites every day, but because it can be much more persuasive than the written word.
A fully optimised YouTube Channel containing engaging video content will not only provide a powerful, ‘followable’ link to your website, but it will also greatly increase views and drive more traffic to your website. If you have customers online, you should be on YouTube!

Optimise Your Video Marketing Campaigns

Professionally produced, high-impact promotional videos can keep your visitors glued to their screen the instant they arrive on your site. This can also help increase your conversion rate, which of course means more sales.
Hence, you need to optimize your videos to become an integral part of online marketing strategy. Here are some ways to achieve this:

  • Trend your video content for current social themes. What are people searching for on YouTube/Google? Relate your video to what’s popular, and watch your viewer count go up.
  • Add custom metadata tags to each video. This will help with search engine optimization, adding information about videos that can be picked up by search engines crawling the Web.
  • Integrate videos with e-commerce. Explanatory videos showing step-by-step how to make a purchase or a reservation, or to send a query using the website can greatly benefit websites which have booking engines (like hotels) or shopping baskets (such as online retailers).
  • Video marketing must be aimed at leads and conversions. Add calls-to-action, so viewers can be compelled to take some type of action at the end of the video. Get them to sign up for your newsletter, go to your e-commerce page, leave a comment about your video or visit your blog.
  • Re-direct video viewers to your website, by including your URL in the video. Add a text box to your video, where you can display your website address. For effective branding, have your company logo displayed prominently somewhere on the screen.
  • Integrate with social media marketing. When your audience starts sharing and spreading them all over the Internet with social bookmarking, Facebook sharing and Tweeting, your videos will go viral.

Remember, YouTube is always adding new features. It’s a good idea to stay updated on the latest enhancements and use the ones that best suit your business.
Contact Us for YouTube marketing and optimization and achieve greater success with your video marketing campaigns.

LouderVoice and M3SM have been working together globally since early 2011. We have now joined forces to offer a compelling Social solution for SMEs in the UK.
biteOnline marketing is an ever-moving target and it can be hard for SMEs to feel in control and up-to-date. To ease those concerns, M3SM’s offerings and LouderVoice’s Social Reviews are now available as an off-the-shelf solution that is optimised for the UK. Every business can have their online presence live and social-powered with almost no effort.
“It is no longer just about your website…” says M3SM Sales and Marketing Director Tracy Spence, based in Northampton, “consumers are web savvy, and actively look for reviews before they decide to purchase online. Search engines have responded by looking for reviews and making websites with real reviews more prominent. The LouderVoice system addresses this very easily and helps our clients get found on the web and increases their sales conversion rate too.”
bitereviewsLouderVoice CEO Conor O’Neill highlighted: “Cobbled-together online offerings are just too complex for most local businesses. They need something that works, straight out of the box, without adding even more work for them. This new LouderVoice-M3SM package provides exactly that.”
LouderVoice can be found on the web-sites of every type of business. These Social-powered systems put authentic reviews on the client’s site, not some third-party hub. Deep integration with Facebook makes qualified Social traffic flow from there to the client, not the other way around. All of LouderVoice’s solutions are also SEO-optimised so that reviews deliver benefits wherever the customers are online.
For further information please contact:
Tracy Spence, M3SM tracy@m3sm.co.uk, 01604-6328899
Conor O’Neill, LouderVoice, conor@loudervoice.com, 02081-440972

What is Pinterest?
And how can I use it for my business?

You think you are starting to understand Social media, then along comes another one that throws your Internet marketing Strategy off course.
Pinterest is an online pinboard. At home or in the office, if you get a postcard you like, you pin it to the board, if you get a voucher or coupon, it goes on the board, an important business card… on the board, that new coat… a picture of it goes on the board. Your board gets cluttered, and everynow and then you have a clear out and throw away the things that you have not used in a while, or put the memories in a box for the attic.
Pinboard is a virtual way of doing all of this, with a very big exception… everyone can see your board. Your memories, your likes, your choices…
Imagine if someone happens to like something you are selling and “pins” it to their pinboard called “products I love”, perhaps you are a travel company and someone pulls in a photo from your website and pops it onto a board called “places I have been” or “places I would love to visit”

Pinboard and its use in business perhaps can now start to be seen.

Lets take the travel example.
Someone pulls in your photo from your website.
It links back to your website in the first instance, which means now pinterest is showing people where they can see more about this particular place.
Secondly, that person is actively saying they like this place and has either been there before and enjoyed it, or would like to go. In either case, this is an opportunity. If they have been before, they may want to go again, if they have not been, perhaps it is on the radar for the future.

So, how would you deal with this?

Of course, you have to know that someone is pinning your photos… and we have been advised of a great tool that helps you to discover this:
If you find someone has pinned a photo from your website, there is no reason at all that you cannot say, thank you for pinning, or even… we are glad you like, and we have a great deal… click here to see more.
Remember, it is not just the person who pinned the photo to their board who can see this. But you do need to be a pinterest member to be able to comment.
Here is a link to some really interesting facts about pinterest
If you are struggling to see how you can use pinterest, or any other social media as a part of your strategic marketing mix, please do not hesitate to give us a call.
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Whilst watching yet another programme stating how bad Social media is for children, I thought I would write about a very different viewpoint.
You see, we totally agree that children should be protected whilst being online. We agree that children should have a balance in their life too, and that fresh air and exercise is very important and to be encouraged.
As a responsible parent myself, I encourage my children to be active, to learn different things, to read books, to engage in everyday conversations. We eat dinner at a table every day as a family, we grow our own fruit and vegetables, we help out our favourite charities by volunteering… and so we totally agree with these programmes.
But there are always exceptions.
And whilst watching a programme about Cyber Bullying, I felt obliged to share a story…
Imagine a child, in a world that is not the same as yours and mine. Slightly different from his other friends. This child has a syndrome that is not intelligence based, but makes him visibly different from the others.
At school he is bullied, and at best ignored. He wants a girlfriend, but is too frightened that he will be turned down and laughed at… again. The teachers cannot do anything about the bullying, yet they are aware of it. He does not like school much, but he wants to learn. The bullying at school has undermined his confidence in front of people.
Yet, in front of his computer, he is a different person.
His “friends” cannot see what makes him different, they cannot see his strange ways, the things that make him stand out from the “normal” child.
He laughs out loud, he sings along with his friends at they share their latest songs, he plays challenge games, they create online businesses and cities. They all have fun, he has fun. He becomes a confident boy in a world where his friends all know him to be the intelligent and funny boy he really is, not strange at all, not odd or different…
So you see, sometimes we have to think differently and slightly out of the box.
I just wanted to share…
Thanks, Tracy Spence.

AT M3 Strategic Marketing Ltd we waited with baited breath for the new Company pages to come out on Google Plus. When they did, we enrolled immediately and created our page, like many other businesses.
We gained  Followers… no, that’s not right… we worked towards people “having us in their circles” … still doesn’t sound right, but that is what it is…
We added our links, we uploaded images and videos, we shared some tit bits… and…
We wondered if others were aware what to do, and so stopped and created a PDF for you to download free, without any need to complete an online form, so no sales calls or follow up emails.
We hope you like that.
Here is the link:
ENJOY! Don’t forget to add us to your circles, please.

We have been using Linked In company pages for a while, adding products and services and cololecting recommendations that stay with the company rather than the staff member.
Now Linked In have created a “Company Status Update” that goes to your Company Followers, rather than appearing on your connections status update area.
I guess this means we now have to work on gaining Company Followers too.
Linked In are also allowing us to see stattistics about your status updates, like Facebook, showing the number of impressions a post received, and the percentage of interaction.
All this additional information should make us all much better Social Media Marketers, as we understand our online user visitor behaviour more and more.
Thank you Linked In for giving us more to teach on our training courses, and another new slide to create.