British Water Workshop – At Google.

Today saw M3 Strategic Marketing taking over rooms at Google in St Giles, London.
When British Water asked us to deliver a workshop all about Google to their members, what better place to hold it than at Google’s London H.Q. in St Giles. Being a Google Partner means that Google support us from day to day, which in turn means we can deliver that expertise direct to our clients, in this case British Water.

British Water Google Micro Moments
Google presenting “Micro Moments”

A full day of training on Synergistic Marketing, which pulls offline and online together, was delivered by Derek Bourne of Waterbourne Ltd, Michael Spence and Tracy Spence. In addition, Google delivered a presentation all about “Micro Moments”and played the “Higher or Lower” game with the audience too.
The room was bursting at the seams and British Water had a reserve list of people waiting in the wings, and no one cancelled at the last minute.
The workshop itself was jam packed with useful insights, suggestions of tools to help the companies in attendance, hints, tips and the questions flowed.

British Water Workshop at Google
Michael Spence – Moments of Truth

Unfortunately, the day itself was marred with the terrorist attack on Westminster that same afternoon, just a mile down the road, but it did not stop the learning.
British Water have asked us to deliver the same again but near Manchester, and we will also be delivering a series of smaller, more detailed workshops targeted at different levels of knowledge a little later in the year.

Thank you for an excellent training workshop on Digital Marketing yesterday. I think most attendees were overwhelmed with your knowledge and it is clear that we could have delivered a full day or two day training course!
Lila Thompson – International Director, British Water

Google Adwords Partner Expert

As a Google AdWords Partner we are exposed to a lot of training and Paid Advertising Intelligence that other agencies are not privy to, and this helps us help our clients grow their businesses. So when the Giant in online advertising Google suggests a meeting at your premises, we didn’t say no. However, never to miss an opportunity, we arranged to meet at their offices in St Giles, London. This meeting was to discuss specifically about our own business, and to determine what else Google needed to provide us to help us grow.
Specifically in the meeting we discussed Gmail Advertising on Google, as both ourselves and Google see this is a great way forward for many of our clients. It is currently not common and so the costs are also a lot less than perhaps other forms of paid advertising on the Google networks. In addition we discussed the importance of having a strategy for each client to determine the very best route, the ideal landing page, and the best keywords too.
With any paid adverts, you need to consider what pert of the customer journey your prospect is on, what they want from your website when they land on it and what tactics you need to employ to convert that click into a sale going forward.
For example, if someone is searching the query “How easy is it to get a business loan” they will be less likely to convert into a sale than someone who is searching “Business loan for van”. With this in mind, the landing pages should be very different and the strategies should also be different. The “How to” query should take you to a landing page that gives you ideas as to what documents you may need (a checklist perhaps). Because people who land here are likely to go away and find these documents, then we would also recommend a re-marketing strategy from this page. Whereas, those who are being more specific, they already know what they want, and so a quote form or calculator would be more appropriate. Here if they complete the form, you already have the information to enable you to make contact and perhaps close the deal, and a different re-marketing strategy should be implemented for those who did not complete the form (abandoned the process).
If you are looking at your online paid advertising and are serious about getting results, then look to M3 Strategic Marketing to help you devise a Google AdWords Strategy before you take the plunge. Using M3 will save you money n wasted clicks and get the most from your Google AdWords Spend.
Contact us now on 01604 328899

When Tracy from M3 Strategic Marketing heard about the NatWest Boost programme, she wanted to find out more, and after lengthy discussions with her local business development manager, Tracy started work on preparing a schedule of education for business seminars all about Digital marketing.

NatWest BoostEducation For Business Seminars:

  • Understanding Analytics
  • Web Conversion Techniques
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Paid Online Advertising
  • Email Marketing

After delivering the Analytics course in both Northampton and Milton Keynes and then the Conversion course in Milton Keynes, the feedback or these instructional and educational seminars was so good that NatWest asked if once the 5 were done, they could start all over again, to give those who missed it first time around, the opportunity to attend, and to encourage more business owners and employees to take advantage of this free Digital marketing training.
If you are looking to increase your knowledge on Digital marketing and other subjects, then contact your local NatWest Business Development manager and ask how the NatWest Boost programme can help you  grow your business.
Dates for Early 2017 as follows: 

  • Wednesday 22nd February 2017 – Nat West in Grange Park – 8am Start – “Website Conversion”
  • Tuesday 28th February 2017 – Nat West in Milton Keynes – 8am Start – “SEO – get found on Google”
  • Wednesday 22nd February 2017 – Nat West in Grange Park – 8am Start – “SEO – get found on Google”


Client website visitor numbers revealed

Many companies are happy to blow their own trumpets by showcasing testimonials, and writing case studies. But at M3SM we decided that we would put ourselves to a real test and see exactly what our average statistics produce.
We were both  surprised and delighted at the results.
Ripped paper, space for copyWe took all the companies we work with to increase sales using SEO, and some of those companies also use Google Paid advertising and email marketing too. We removed those who we could not do a full and direct comparison with, and then looked at the statistics, warts and all for all July 1st 2015 to June 30th 2016 as compared with July 1st 2014 to June 30th 2015.
This left just over 40 companies who have been with us since at least 2014.
We did not remove any figures, we did not “embellish” or  “enhance” any of the figures that came directly from Google Analytics. This report is based on real and honest fact, as delivered by Google Analytics, and we are more than happy to share this with you.
Here are the FACTS revealed: 
1 – Increase in visitor sessions.Ripped paper, space for copy
On average, clients working with M3SM see an increase in visitor sessions of 319.10%
Question: If your website saw a 319% increase in traffic, would it be of value to you? 
Perhaps you run an e-commerce website, in which case, seeing that kind of increase may increase the number of sales your website takes.
Let’s put this into numbers. Let’s say your website receives 10,000 visitor sessions a year (192 a week or 27 a day). An increase of 319% would mean you now receive 31,900 visitor sessions a year (613  week or 87 a day).
2 – Increase in conversion rate.
On average, clients working with M3SM see an increase in website conversion of 29.60%
Again let’s put this into numbers. Let’s say your website conversion rate is 1%. At 10,000 visitor sessions a year, this means that 100 people a year will convert into sales leads or orders (whatever your conversion goal may be). An increase of 29% would mean that your conversion rate is now 1.29%, meaning that those 10,000 visitor sessions turn into 129 conversions a year.
The combination of 1 and 2 combined.
So, if you have increased the number of visitors to your website AND increased the conversion rate (i.e. to number of customers who buy from your online shop, or the number of phone calls or emails into the office asking for more details) then the benefits are obvious. but lets look ate the figures again:
10,000 visitor sessions at an increase in traffic of 319% means 31,900 visitor sessions.
100 conversions at an increase in conversion rate of 29% means 129 conversions.
Put the two together and an increase of visitor sessions to 31,900 with an increase in conversion rate of 29% would see 411 conversions.
So a combination of website visitor sessions increasing, and conversion rate optimisation would mean an increase in converting sales leads or orders of 411%

Mobilegeddon - googlebot activity

Back in February, Google announced it would be making significant changes to the way it shows websites within its search results.
This was made live today, and has been dubbed “Mobilegeddon” because of it’s potentially disastrous effect on companies search placings.
Google went to extensive efforts to inform companies of these changes, through webmaster emails, but still this pre-warning has been mostly ignored by small to medium businesses around the world.
We know that this algorithm change is likely to be bigger than Panda or Penguin.

Mobilegeddon - googlebot activityHow will it affect your business?

Are you one of those who panicked and made the change, or did you do like a lot of others and ignored the change?
Those who invested the time and money to make their website mobile friendly may reap the benefits over their online competition. Those that did not make the change may in fact not notice much difference. It is not fully dependent on your website after all.
You may fin yourself surrounded by a new list of online competitors that perhaps you have not encountered before. Alternatively, your known online competition may have done exactly the same as you did, in which case not much will change for your industry sector, especially those in a niche area may find hardly any difference at all.

What can I do?

If you see the results start to drop, now is the time to contact us to make changes to your website and the way you are found online, before it is unrecoverable.

As we enter into  the New Year, on a personal level we often make a lot of New Years resolutions that sometimes we do not keep:
Starting a diet, stopping smoking, cleaning the car more regularly…
As a business, you may do the same, but by way of new targets and goals. You may rethink your business strategy and also rethink your business costs.
This is the time when a few companies rethink how they can become more visible on the web, and Search Engine Optimisation becomes more crucial to their Digital Marketing Strategy.
It is also the time when some companies are not realising their return on investment from their online strategies, and stop their Digital Marketing spend.
January is a game changer for some businesses, and it certainly makes for interesting moments for SEO experts like M3 Strategic Marketing Ltd who see changes with their client positioning on the web because client online competition may slow down or gather pace.
However, as with any New Years resolution, your business will have measurable goals and targets. Search Engine positions may change, and often do, so our focus is not on website ranking, but is all about making sure your business grows, by working with you to achieve your goals and targets.
With this approach, we can be sure our clients are seeing a return on their Digital Marketing spend.
Have you ever heard the phrase “You can lead a horse to water, but cannot make him drink”. SEO alone is a little like that, any SEO expert can get visits to your website. Our clients know that we aim to get RELEVANT visits on to your website, and then continually discuss how we can ensure your website visitors then turn into prospects for you to convert, or actual online sales.
Want to know more? Call us on 01604 328899 or email

Hi, as well as letting you listen to the webinar, we have also decided to upload the full presentation for you as well. This has been saved in PDF format, and it may help when listening to the recording.
Wednesday Webinar – E and I Overview october 2011
Try not to laugh at the irony of me NOT sharing my Foursquare bad review on Facebook and Twitter, because it was private between me and a major brand… yet I have shared it on a webinar… on this PDF… and I have promoted this on facebook, Twitter and Linked In too.
Please respect the copyright of this presentation, it is ok to share, but please credit back to  M3 Strategic Marketing Ltd.
Thank you.

Why Track QR Codes?

So you’ve started to use QR codes on your business cards… Where do they lead to? Your home page? And what next?
Using a QR code without adding the ability to track which QR code has been effective for you as a business just won’t do!
You need to make sure all your marketing (on and offline) are working for you, so you should be using tracking to make sure your marketing is effective.
All this will save you time and money in the long run.We would suggest that BEFORE you have your business cards printed, you create tracking for every person who will have the same QR code, so you can see what is working.
The same goes for flyers, and door signage, and brochures… each one should have a different tracking code so you can test and measure your one and offline marketing effectiveness.
Happy Tracking, and have fun with QR code – why stop at your home page?
Tel: 01604 328899

Are Your Customers Using a Mobile Device to Find Your Business? Do You Even Know?

5 Benefits of a Mobile Website

If you do not already have a mobile website, you could be missing out on potential business opportunities.


Here are 5 reasons why you should have a Mobile Website:

1 – Enhanced User Experience

If your customers are looking for you online using a Mobile Device such as an Ipad, Iphone, Android Phone or other Smart Phone or tablet, what will they see? If they land on your normal site, which is squished into a small screen, or worse, they land on your website and just see the top Left Hand Corner, or even worse than that, see nothing at all because your website is built using Flash technology (An iPhone does not support Flash ), then your potential customers will not be able to see what you have to offer, and will go away.

2 – Easy Navigation

A mobile website is very different to a mobile friendly website. If your site is not created especially for a Mobile Device, your potential customers will not be able to find what they want easily. They will need to pinch, and squeeze, and flip and pull to get to find what they want, and it is likely that they will go away.

3 – Click to Call

On your Mobile Website, your website designer should be able to offer a “Click to Call” facility that cannot be offered on a standard website seen on a Mobile Device.

What is Click to Call?

Your potential customers simply touches the screen of their Mobile Device on your Telephone Number, and your phone begins to ring.
Why wouldn’t you want this?

4 – Search Engine Optimisation

Right now, SEO for Mobile Websites is not common and this will give your company a huge head start in the race for Online Dominance for your Mobile Website.
Do you know how many of your competitors have a Mobile Website? Of those, how many are optimising on the Mobile Search Engines?

5 – Paid for Advertising

You may have seen the map appear on Google when you search a local Product or Service. You may even have noticed the Red markers, but have you spotted the Blue ones? Blue Markers are for those who use Google Adwrods for their mobile website. It stands out on a standard search, but takes priority on a search made on a Mobile Device.
Last week we emailed to tell you about a special arrangement with Google, and are happy to offer (subject to terms and conditions) money off your Google Adwords campaign.
So why wouldn’t you ask for more information about a Mobile Website?
Contact us now for more information. E: – T: 01604 328899

What is a QR Code?
273 media QR code (Quick Response code)QR stands for “Quick Response”. A QR Code is a 2D barcode or Matrix Code, which is used to hold data and information. If you have a smart phone, you can download a QR decoder app which will mean you can hold your phone to QR code and download that information in an instant.
How can you use QR Codes in your Marketing and Advertising?
* QR Codes can be placed on things like Business Cards, Business Banners, or any other physical product
* QR Codes can be placed on Advertising like printed postcards, leaflets, Billboards, Magazines or shop signage
* QR Codes can be placed on personal announcements and more.
What is a Social QR Code and How Can It Be Used?
A Social QR Code Allows users to easily scan a QR Code and it then directs people to a socially-designed Landing Page. From here, visitors can “Like” a Facebook fan page, “Follow” a Twitter profile, “Share” and “Tweet” content or a coupon with their “Friends” and “Followers”, or even interact with your printed advert by watching an embedded YouTube video. Place these QR Codes in shop windows, on menus, receipts, clothing, printed adverts…
Do People Use Facebook on their Mobile Phones?
It is suggested that there are more than 200 Million People accessing Facebook through their Mobile Devices. People that use Facebook on their Mobile Devices are twice as active on Facebook than non-Mobile Users.
Do People Scan QR Codes?

* In 2010, there was a 1600% Increase in Scans
* 30 to 40% of Smartphone Owners have downloaded some form of a QR Scanner, including me.
* On Average, a Unique User scans 2-3 Barcodes per month
* 28% of People with a Smart Phone Have Scanned a QR Code!
For more information on how you can integrate QR codes into your internet and mobile marketing strategy, call us on 01604 518121 or email