Certified Hootsuite Professional

Hootsuite Certified ProfessionalAlthough M3SM have been using Hootsuite as a tool for many years now, time has always been against the team to gain the stamp of approval for their knowledge and expertise. That was until now, when Tracy Spence took a day out to go through the Hootsuite course and sit the exam.
Tracy not only passed the exam, but passed with 99% (what was that elusive 1%). As a Certified Hootsuite Professional, not only does Tracy now appear on their website, but it does mean that Tracy has access into incredible insights and benefits that this amazing tool has to offer.
Hidden deep within Hootsuite are analytics and data, and unbelievable ways to research, find now clients and new product markets too.
Tracy has delivered many training courses on Social Media, but with some additional knowledge gained whilst studying for this exam, Tracy feels that the M3SM Social Media Training Courses will take companies to the next level!

Have you ever wondered what Social Media would have looked like through history? How would it have affected the present? Would certain events have been different with the intervention of Social Media? 

We have taken a rough look at the past and examined what might have been mentioned, tweeted, pinned, circled and liked if only Social Media had been “once upon a time”…
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Research by Experian shows Northampton tops a poll highlighting the best UK towns and cities to do business in. Northampton takes top marks for business turnover growth, as well as having high company start-up rates and low insolvency rates.
The town’s firms have also been applauded for their financial strength.
Who knew?
We did, which is why we have based our offices here in the Northampton Science Park.
Close to the major roads in the middle of England, near a railway station and many major airports we are ideally situated to service our clients up and down the UK and into Europe and further afield.

  • Have you ever wondered how you can increase your Lead Generation for your business?
  • Do you find Networking a chore?
  • Perhaps Networking simply is not your target market?

Using online Lead Generation techniques can drive quality, relevant, converting traffic to your website.
Working with qualified Digital Marketing experts, such as ourselves, can really start to grow your online business. It is important you choose a company who are willing to learn and understand your business, who will work with you to determine your goals and make sure they are achieved, someone who will challenge your thoughts and ideas to make sure you get the very best return on your marketing spend.
Typically, a Digital Marketing company will take you through a process that ensures you get good quality, relevant, converting traffic to your website. They will use strategies that include SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, web apps…
Making sure you get the traffic is very important, but what if that traffic simply does not convert? We take this process a step further with Conversion techniques, measurement and strategy.
Our Lifecycle is something we feel all businesses should be following.
Give us a call now for your free web asset consultation – 01604 328899

We copy your website and database on a regular basis and host it away from your server. The copies (the latest 3 are kept) are stored on our secured server and also on a cloud based platform with secured and limited access.
Access can be given to your team, your hosting provider and also your website developer. Because the copies are on the cloud, they are available 24/7.
This means that no matter what, your website can be recovered.
In some cases, it is so imperative that a site remains live, that it may be wise to host a mirrored version of your site for almost instant accessibility.
We just need FTP access or in some instances, admin access – a full audit of your website will be assessed before we take your order!
Call us now on 01604 328899 to discuss the options available to you.

As a part of our strategic growth plan, we are moving to bigger and better offices.
Still staying on the prestigious Northampton Science Park, we are moving to Unit 20 Babbage House, which is ideally suited to our IT requirements with High Speed internet access, and also to our growing team.
We are moving in with our offline marketing partner Source DPM, and now between us we can cover most of your marketing needs from one place.
Both the Source website and our own will undergo a few changes in the coming weeks to reflect our alliance, and the changes we are making.
From 1st November 2013 our new address will be:
Babbage-House-Map-300x253Unit 20 Babbage House, Northampton Science Park, Kings Park Road, Moulton Park, Northampton, NN3 6LG.

Search Engine OptimisationYou have heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and are now doing your research trying to understand it a little more, but everywhere you look, the websites and blogs are telling you how to become and SEO expert.
Here is our guide to the benefits of SEO:

  • Visibility
  • Lead Generation
  • Affordability
  • Long Term

Your website will be more visible on the web. It may sound obvious, but SEO will make your website more easily found by prospects when they are looking for your products and services if it is done well.
Our SEO team will work with you to achieve the goals you are looking for, whether that be more brand awareness, more leads or more sales… we will create a strategic plan based around the SEO campaign and your goals to get you where you want to be and give you the very best return on your investment.
Because your website will be more visible you will of course start to see an increase in visitors coming to your website. As the numbers grow, there is a real chance that your website will convert into leads and paying clients.
Our SEO team will not stop at driving traffic to your website, it is very important that your business is a success. After all, the more successful you are, the more likely you are to stay with us. We will learn about your business and learn about your goals, and we will make recommendations to make changes to your website in order that the traffic visiting your website is more likely to convert. We are happy to make these changes for you, or work with your website developer to make recommended changes where possible.
SEO can be a more cost effective solution long term and will give you a real measurable return on your investment. An SEO strategy will incorporate various elements which can be tailored to suit your needs and your budget.
Our SEO team will discuss your requirements and come back with a package based around your budget that will achieve your goals.
This is not a quick fix solution, for that you need Pay Per Click, and infact PPC and SEO together will enhance your online strategy exponentially. SEO will continually place you where you need to be.
Our SEO team will work to ensure you are where you want to be and monitor your online competitors too in order that we keep you ahead of them as well.
Contact us now on 01604 328899 for your free consultation.

You may have heard of Digital Marketing, email marketing or even SEO, but few companies have considered or heard of Conversion Architecture, which means that if you are reading this, you are already one step ahead.
When you create a website and publish it to the web, your site will sit among millions of other website just waiting to be found. It’s a little like putting a piece of paper with the message “Contact Us” onto a tree in the middle of Epping Forest, and waiting for the phone to ring. 0Most people would think that would be a waste of money, time and effort, yet millions do it.
Conversion Architecture CycleThose who realise that they need sign posts to the piece of paper, or indeed those who realise that in fact they need that piece of paper to be right by the entrance to the Forest will have a handle on their Digital Marketing and will have engaged an SEO and/or Pay per Click specialist agency.
But those who have also realised that “Contact Us” may not be the best words to use on the piece of paper, or indeed that the piece of paper needs to be in orange as opposed to white, and the writing needs to be in capitals, they are the companies who will turn that traffic coming onto their website into leads and paying customers These companies will convert.
Conversion Architecture is based on science and fact, but is also down to interpretation based on extensive knowledge of online user behaviour and also creative marketing flair. The cycle repeats itself as the business goals become more refined:
Tools that offer URL tracking and Click Intention Tracking can tell us where your prospects are clicking, what words they used to find the page, what Search Engine found your page etc. This give us the facts that we can then use in our scientific formulas. The formulas are based around many years of gathering these facts based on industry sector and online user behaviour analysis.
Over many years we have been gathering statistics about what works and what does not. Online user behaviour has distinct elements to it that are not always what you would expect. Having worked with many companies around the globe including Fortune 100?s, working with user focus groups, researching videos of people actions whilst completing online tasks, we know the differences between different personas and their online experience expectations.
Once we have Science and understand the company we work with and their web visitor personas, then comes the creativity for testing. Testing is key to any Conversion Architecture, and once again leads us back to the Science and Fact to ensure your marketing budget gets the very best return.
If you would like a free consultation and an Intention Tracking Trial, let us know by Contacting Us on 01604 328899

M3 Strategic Marketing have launched a series of Short Courses to help your business understand Social Media.
They are all Hands on Courses, with just 4 people to a class, giving you the best possible attention.
And at just £25 per person plus VAT, they are great value for money and places are going fast!
Held every other Friday morning from 10am until 12pm, the courses cover Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Blogging.

Course Details:

Beginners Twitter and Facebook – for those who are trying to attract business from people aged between 16 and 34, or predominantly women.
Beginners YouTube and Blogging – for those who are trying to attract business from people aged between 35 and 54, or predominantly men.
Beginners Linked In and Google Places – For all business professionals.
Intermediate Course – Design, Linking, Syndicating and more… – A course that will take you to the next step, and help you with corporate branding at a low, low cost.
You will need to bring your laptop, carparking is free, tea and coffee are provided.
What are you waiting for? Let’s get Social!
Email info@m3sm.co.uk to reserve your place.