Digital Marketing Footprint

Digital marketing is important for all businesses and at every stage of their life cycle. A lack of investment in marketing might not seem like an issue initially, but it may well put a company at a disadvantage later on. To stand out against competitors, a company should carefully consider the marketing messages it wants to present, the footprint it wants to create, and how to best do this.

Even in difficult times, well-considered marketing can allow your business to get the attention it deserves.

Is marketing really important?

The short answer is yes! You might think that we say this out of pure bias, but we really know the transformative power that marketing can have. The M3 team have seen first-hand how our marketing tactics have made huge differences for a whole range of clients in various sectors. Don’t believe us? Just read one of our case studies.

Digital marketing for each business stage 

Development and Launch: When a business is in the early stages of development, having a clear idea about marketing strategy is vitally important. A digital marketing strategy will inform the kinds of people who hear about a business, how many people hear about them, and what an individual’s initial impression will be. When the business launches, successful digital marketing will ensure that people talk about the business and those people say the right things. It helps the business to be found more easily and for the desired buzz to grow.

Growth and Maturity: With growth, a business may choose to diversify their digital marketing channels. When they become more established, innovative and effective digital marketing will help to ensure that a business doesn’t get forgotten and is still seen as relevant. The business may build up an archive of helpful blogs, become prominent on social media, or have regular newsletters.

Decline: Every business will have its own struggles to a greater or lesser degree. Forbes notes that there are Five Reasons that 8 Out Of 10 Businesses Fail. These are:

  1. Not being in touch with customers through deep dialogue
  2. Lack of unique value propositions
  3. Failure to communicate value in clear, concise and compelling ways
  4. Leadership breakdown 
  5. Inability to nail a profitable business model 

Nevertheless, marketing can make a difference for a number of these points. Good digital marketing will allow a business to keep in touch with customers by using the right dialogue. It will also use the right tools to communicate the value of the company to online communities. 

Shouldn’t I cut my marketing budget?

Many companies are tempted to cut their marketing budget when money becomes tight. However, this can often only further the decline. Just when a struggling business is likely to benefit most from more people hearing about them (whether through savvy social media campaigns, targeted SEO practices, or cleverly designed Google Ads) some view marketing as a waste of time. However, this is when you should consider wisely investing in digital marketing even more.

How can marketing help when business is tough?

We’re all guilty of spending too much time online, but businesses can use this to their advantage and meet their customers where they are. In fact, when done correctly, digital communication can be a great way to achieve mass reach!

Although part of your marketing budget may go towards printed materials and in-person events, the digital landscape should never be neglected. Comprehensive digital marketing presents a range of unique opportunities; it helps you to not only find new customers, but to nurture the connections you already have in a convenient way. By fostering your online relationships, you can continue to build brand awareness and trust, and are therefore more likely to see an improvement in fulfilling business objectives.

So whether you’re B2B or B2C, having adaptable and responsive digital  marketing is crucial for longevity. Having a strong brand and resilient marketing strategy will ensure that you are set to weather the worst storms as best as you can. Many companies take a digital-first approach to marketing, and in an increasingly technological world, it’s easy to see why. Digital marketing is clearly here to stay.

M3 Strategic Marketing: digital marketing for your business

Thankfully, it’s never too late to get started with digital marketing. At M3SM, we believe that it’s always helpful to reevaluate how to make the most out of your online presence and to check that your marketing activities are meeting your needs. 

The landscape of digital marketing is always changing, and it can definitely be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. Furthermore, even when you know what the latest trends are, it can be hard to know which approach your business should take and how exactly to do it!

That’s where we can step in and help. We offer an extended range of services that we tailor to fit our client’s needs. 

You might be interested in:

  • Creating an eye-catching landing page that makes customers want to learn more about you
  • Refreshing your website so that it gets you the traffic you desire 
  • Rewriting the copy and content for your website so you can maximise your SEO efforts
  • Having better management of your social media accounts so that you reach your customers where they’re mostly likely to be

Fortunately, our services include:

  • Websites: You wouldn’t believe how many companies have old information on their own website- from phone numbers that are now disconnected to naming services they no longer provide. A good digital marketing company can help you keep these things up to date. Our web designers create sites that are slick, easily navigable, and considerate of conversions.
  • Social Media: In 2019, the average Internet user had at least 7 social media accounts (up from 3 just 5 years ago!). Just think about all the people you could miss out on by neglecting your social media presence! Whether Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, or emerging platforms, we can expertly manage your company’s socials.
  • Web Analytics: M3SM is well versed in all aspects of Google Analytics. This even includes creating advanced tracking solutions to track custom elements of your website.
  • Google Ads: Our experience in Google Ads means that we can find you cost-effective solutions. We can create targeted campaigns so that you reach your intended audiences.
  • Content Strategy: Content is a specialty of ours. We manage every stage of a content strategy- research, planning, content creation, and optimisation.
  • Email Marketing: We’re pleased to design custom email campaigns that remind customers of what you offer and why they should keep coming back to you.
  • SEO: Search engine optimisation is an essential part of digital marketing. Let us do the hard work and help to get you found for the terms that you want. 

We want to see your business succeed and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen. Even if you’re not sure where to start, M3SM will be able to guide through the best options for you.

Contact us for quality digital marketing

Whether you already have a comprehensive marketing strategy and are wondering how to enhance it, or you’re just considering dipping your toe into the digital marketing pool, we would love to hear from you

As digital marketing specialists, we:

  • Evaluate how you currently appear to your customers
  • Understand your unique selling points and value propositions
  • Consider what channels and methods will be most effective for the marketing of your business  
  • Execute your marketing strategy and frequently review, so that adjustments can be made in your best interests

We listen to your business objectives, work around your budget and use our many years of industry expertise to get you the best results.

Contact us to learn how we can help.

Email us here or call us on 01604 328899.

Importance of blogging

As the New Year looms ever closer, and this next one being a new decade too, marketeers all over are rethinking their strategy for the year. In the case of M3, we do the same, not just for us, but for our clients too.

This year we have been back to basics and revisited our Business Model Canvass. A lengthy team meeting over a working lunch helped us identify where we want to go as a business in 2020, and moreover what we want to be reputed for.

This we based not only on our strengths and great SEO and Paid Ads results, but also profitability, PITA (painfulness) factor, internal skillsets, and the type of business we really want to work with.

In addition we calculated our actual cost per hour at a capacity of 80% (which in truth is realistic for most companies, but feels like we are working at 180% capacity at times here!). This helped us identify which services we wish to promote this year.

Our business model for 2020 unearthed a particular strength in Search Engine Optimisation for our clients, and in particular for the health, manufacturing, engineering and recruitment market sectors (although in truth, we can produce excellent results for most business sectors).

Our business model not only identified that we are excellent at SEO and Paid Ads work for our clients, but also that we are very competitively priced for what we offer within our SEO packages and Paid Ads management fees.

So a campaign to promote our SEO and Paid Ads services is now underway, with SEO, Paid advertising and Email marketing being at the core of every campaign, we want to be known as the Search Engine Optimsation (SEO) go to company in not just Northamptonshire, Cheshire and the surrounding areas, but UK wide.

The Challenge with offering SEO Services

The problem we face is that people are unsure of what they really need, and some do not know what SEO or Search Engine Optimsation (Or sometimes called Search Engine Marketing) actually is, how it works and what it does for companies. People really do not understand what their money spent with us does for them unless we explain it by showing results.

The truth is that if we were to sell it as it is, people would never buy. The reality is that SEO is when a company like ours works with a company like yours to try to get your website found for the search terms that people are typing into Google to find products and services just like yours. So in fact what we are selling is a dream, rather than an actual hard product. In addition, because there are so many elements around that affect what we do (for example, your competition may do something that affects your results, Google may change its’s algorithm again, or the keywords that we researched a few months ago may change as people move around and start new jobs etc.), this means there are no guarantees either. In fact Google will tell you that if anyone guarantees that you will be found first on Google, then do not trust them as it is impossible to guarantee this.
So we have to show the value in what we do.

SEO Company that offers value

So when we work with a company like yours to get you found as high as possible on Google, we work through a number of things with you which include:

  • We research the words people are typing in right now to find products and services that you offer.
  • We look at your website to see if once we drive the right kind of traffic to your website, that it will convert into sales or enquiries.
  • We do the technical work on your website to ensure that the structure of the pages we are optimising will work for Google.
  • We look to improve the links pointing back to your website. We do not get masses of irrelevant links, but a few good quality and relevant backlinks that relate to your specific products and services.
  • We look at your Social Media posts to see how they can be improved for search.
  • We look at your content on the website and work with you to enhance this as well.
  • We report on all our activities undertaken, what we have achieved, and what may require more work.
  • We continually analyse what has worked for your specific website and adjust our campaigns accordingly.
  • We continually make recommendations that will help you improve not only your position on Google, but also tweaks to improve conversion based on factual analytics.

And all this for a reasonable, affordable monthly price.

We are not like the others! We don’t consider ourselves to be your SEO Supplier, but we do consider that we are an extension to your team, working with you to get the results you need to grow your business.

We are not the cheapest option, but we do offer great value for money.
If you are looking for a great SEO company to work with, in the Northampton, Cheshire and surrounding areas and further afield across the UK… then please do not hesitate to call us and we can talk things through with you.

Don’t be an SEO sheep, stand out from the crowd. We look forward to hearing from you.

Call 01604 328899 or email

Marketing Metrics

Marketing Metrics – Measuring the success (or failure) of your Marketing efforts

When spending time and money marketing your business, it is important to be able to understand exactly what is working and what is not working. Top line… it’s the bottom line that counts. Use Marketing Metrics to help you better understand.

So, where and how do you start to understand all the data in a meaningful way that ensures that your marketing time and budget is well spent.
We have produced a great document that you can download completely Free of Charge. No obligation, no commitment. All we ask is that you think of us when you next need help, and that you share this webpage to those people you think would benefit.

The guide explains things simply and includes examples of marketing metrics calculations to make life really simple.

Marketing Metrics included are:

  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) Payback Time
  • Average Lead Close Rate
  • Marketing Originated Customer Percentage
  • Marketing Influenced Customer Percentage

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

The Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is the average amount that you spend to acquire a new customer. This is important because the more you have to pay for a new customer, the lower your margins. As a marketing agency, we want to help you achieve a lower CAC in order to  provide a higher return on investment.

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

In this metric we want to compare the lifetime value (LTV) of each customer to their cost to acquire that customer. Why does Lifetime Value matter? Many businesses fail to realise the actual amount of revenue a single customer generates for their business. Instead of only focusing only on a single sale, use the complete value of that customer over the lifetime of their engagement
with you.

CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) Payback Time

You truly care about two things – revenue being brought in and how much it costs them to generate that revenue. The CAC payback time looks at how long it will take to payback the investment made to acquire a new customer. While it depends on the industry that you are in, in general the ideal Cost to Acquire a Customer Payback Time is under 12 months. High performing businesses may see payback time as low as 5-7 months. The sooner the payback, the sooner your clients are profitable with each customer.

Average Lead Close rate

It’s not good enough to just generate tons and tons of leads. A lead that never converts into a customer is essentially worthless. You want to show how qualified your leads are with this metric. The lead close rate will be highly dependent on the industry that you are in, but it can also show symptoms of internal issues within your organisation or within your marketing efforts.

Marketing Originated Customer Percentage

Here you’re really starting to see the value of everything that you’re doing. This metric directly ties your marketing efforts to your bottom line. Your Marketing Originated Customer percentage is a measure of how many new customers that you have generated  that you would not have had without that marketing. It’s a much more concrete evaluation of your efforts than just number of leads and customers.

Marketing Influenced Customer Percentage

The previous metric was all about new customers that originated because of your marketing efforts. This metric is all about the number of customers that are closed after interacting with your marketing. Leads can come from anywhere: marketing, word-of-mouth, referrals, Google, networking, etc. Whether you generated that lead with your marketing efforts or not, you need to understand how many customers interacted with your marketing efforts in order to understand how effective they are.



Trusted Digital Media Advisers

Trusted Digital Media Advisers

Yesterday two members of the M3 team went to Google in London for a days training with a view to gain an additional qualification as a Google Certified Trusted Digital Media Advisers.
The day started with the usual networking, and then a quick overview of this new initiative from Google. In fact, this was the launch event where around just 100 Google Partners from across the UK came together to learn new skills and hopefully gain the qualification. With 2 places per agency, this means that there are currently only around 50 agencies who would have been given this opportunity.
With education on SERPS (SEO), paid advertising and other methods of ensuring our customers can make the most of the digital age and the opportunity it presents, this was an intense boot-camp style day.
The benchmark was set high, with all the Google employees who attended the event sitting the exam just the day before, under the same conditions we ourselves, we are pleased to announce that both Gemma and Tracy passed with flying colours. In fact, even beating some of the Google team scores!
With all the knowledge gained from the day, and the ongoing Google insights, M3 have decided to share that knowledge at a regular monthly event, details of which can be found here:
Digital Masterclass Events
If the uptake is good, Google have promised to attend an event here, so please pass on the link to anyone who you feel may benefit from a training session or two on the latest from Google.
Thanks, and looking to see you soon…
Tracy and Gemma
Trusted Digital Media Advisors – as Certified by Google
Trusted Digital Media Advisers

M3SM sponsor Harry Woan

Exciting times for us here at M3SM as we sponsor the up and coming Harry Woan, a local professional golfer in his first season of tournament golf. Harry has the ambition of playing on the European Tour. His excellent junior and amateur career saw his handicap fall to +3. This is someone to watch and follow.
Next Tuesday, he starts off in the Fore Business Pro Am. Then, Wednesday 23rd August to Friday 25th August 2017, M3SM will sponsor Harry in The ‘Fore’ Business Championship, at East Sussex National Golf Resort & Spa – East Course. He will compete against 155 other golfers over the three days, and aim to win the £10,000 prize money. Stay with us as we follow Harry throughout the Tournament, giving you soundbites on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linked-In. Harry shows a promising career; he has dedicated his life to it since the age of 5 years, and has a very singular mindset. Both required for a successful golfer’s mindset.
As a member of the Fore Business Network, the owner of M3SM, and keen golfer himself, Michael Spence is so pleased to be sponsoring the Championship. As Harry’s strategic digital marketing agency, M3SM have developed Harry’s website and digital marketing support for the event and will be cheering him on through social network.
The Tournament will be on Sky Sports, but you can also follow Harry’s progress on Facebook 
For more information on how M3SM and how can assist or enhance your digital marketing, visit Michael Spence & the team at or call 01604 328899 or 01925 755544.

British Water Workshop – At Google.

Today saw M3 Strategic Marketing taking over rooms at Google in St Giles, London.
When British Water asked us to deliver a workshop all about Google to their members, what better place to hold it than at Google’s London H.Q. in St Giles. Being a Google Partner means that Google support us from day to day, which in turn means we can deliver that expertise direct to our clients, in this case British Water.

British Water Google Micro Moments
Google presenting “Micro Moments”

A full day of training on Synergistic Marketing, which pulls offline and online together, was delivered by Derek Bourne of Waterbourne Ltd, Michael Spence and Tracy Spence. In addition, Google delivered a presentation all about “Micro Moments”and played the “Higher or Lower” game with the audience too.
The room was bursting at the seams and British Water had a reserve list of people waiting in the wings, and no one cancelled at the last minute.
The workshop itself was jam packed with useful insights, suggestions of tools to help the companies in attendance, hints, tips and the questions flowed.

British Water Workshop at Google
Michael Spence – Moments of Truth

Unfortunately, the day itself was marred with the terrorist attack on Westminster that same afternoon, just a mile down the road, but it did not stop the learning.
British Water have asked us to deliver the same again but near Manchester, and we will also be delivering a series of smaller, more detailed workshops targeted at different levels of knowledge a little later in the year.

Thank you for an excellent training workshop on Digital Marketing yesterday. I think most attendees were overwhelmed with your knowledge and it is clear that we could have delivered a full day or two day training course!
Lila Thompson – International Director, British Water

Google SEO

Recently, Google released a new video all about SEO and how to hire an SEO expert near you! What is interesting is the number of SEO companies who are now actively sharing this video exclaiming that all along they have been Optimising websites using Google Best Practices and with you as a customer in mind.
Well, we totally agree and are also going to share this “How to Hire an SEO” video with you.

What is also interesting are the number of “SEO” companies who are not happy to share this, and we think this is very telling.
As a business ourselves, we want value for money and to work with companies who understand our business and want to help us grow and grow with us. We want  to work with companies who are transparent, honest and talk with us.
Why would our clients be any different? 
As Google says, SEO is not just about rankings and getting clicks on a website, if that were the case, my job would be easy. I could just sit here clicking away. But, SEO is all about the user experience from the starting point of their specific customer journey, to their onsite experience and ultimately the sale and even after sale service.
We work with all our clients to understand their business and their potential clients, to identify who wants what information at different times of their experience with our clients website, and to make that journey as simple as possible.
We are not about clicks, but we are about converting your website visitors into loyal customers, giving you lifetime value from each sale we achieve as a team.
Please do watch the video and contact us if you have any questions at all or simply request your FREE SEO web audit by clicking here >>

Google Adwords Partner Expert

As a Google AdWords Partner we are exposed to a lot of training and Paid Advertising Intelligence that other agencies are not privy to, and this helps us help our clients grow their businesses. So when the Giant in online advertising Google suggests a meeting at your premises, we didn’t say no. However, never to miss an opportunity, we arranged to meet at their offices in St Giles, London. This meeting was to discuss specifically about our own business, and to determine what else Google needed to provide us to help us grow.
Specifically in the meeting we discussed Gmail Advertising on Google, as both ourselves and Google see this is a great way forward for many of our clients. It is currently not common and so the costs are also a lot less than perhaps other forms of paid advertising on the Google networks. In addition we discussed the importance of having a strategy for each client to determine the very best route, the ideal landing page, and the best keywords too.
With any paid adverts, you need to consider what pert of the customer journey your prospect is on, what they want from your website when they land on it and what tactics you need to employ to convert that click into a sale going forward.
For example, if someone is searching the query “How easy is it to get a business loan” they will be less likely to convert into a sale than someone who is searching “Business loan for van”. With this in mind, the landing pages should be very different and the strategies should also be different. The “How to” query should take you to a landing page that gives you ideas as to what documents you may need (a checklist perhaps). Because people who land here are likely to go away and find these documents, then we would also recommend a re-marketing strategy from this page. Whereas, those who are being more specific, they already know what they want, and so a quote form or calculator would be more appropriate. Here if they complete the form, you already have the information to enable you to make contact and perhaps close the deal, and a different re-marketing strategy should be implemented for those who did not complete the form (abandoned the process).
If you are looking at your online paid advertising and are serious about getting results, then look to M3 Strategic Marketing to help you devise a Google AdWords Strategy before you take the plunge. Using M3 will save you money n wasted clicks and get the most from your Google AdWords Spend.
Contact us now on 01604 328899

Client website visitor numbers revealed

Many companies are happy to blow their own trumpets by showcasing testimonials, and writing case studies. But at M3SM we decided that we would put ourselves to a real test and see exactly what our average statistics produce.
We were both  surprised and delighted at the results.
Ripped paper, space for copyWe took all the companies we work with to increase sales using SEO, and some of those companies also use Google Paid advertising and email marketing too. We removed those who we could not do a full and direct comparison with, and then looked at the statistics, warts and all for all July 1st 2015 to June 30th 2016 as compared with July 1st 2014 to June 30th 2015.
This left just over 40 companies who have been with us since at least 2014.
We did not remove any figures, we did not “embellish” or  “enhance” any of the figures that came directly from Google Analytics. This report is based on real and honest fact, as delivered by Google Analytics, and we are more than happy to share this with you.
Here are the FACTS revealed: 
1 – Increase in visitor sessions.Ripped paper, space for copy
On average, clients working with M3SM see an increase in visitor sessions of 319.10%
Question: If your website saw a 319% increase in traffic, would it be of value to you? 
Perhaps you run an e-commerce website, in which case, seeing that kind of increase may increase the number of sales your website takes.
Let’s put this into numbers. Let’s say your website receives 10,000 visitor sessions a year (192 a week or 27 a day). An increase of 319% would mean you now receive 31,900 visitor sessions a year (613  week or 87 a day).
2 – Increase in conversion rate.
On average, clients working with M3SM see an increase in website conversion of 29.60%
Again let’s put this into numbers. Let’s say your website conversion rate is 1%. At 10,000 visitor sessions a year, this means that 100 people a year will convert into sales leads or orders (whatever your conversion goal may be). An increase of 29% would mean that your conversion rate is now 1.29%, meaning that those 10,000 visitor sessions turn into 129 conversions a year.
The combination of 1 and 2 combined.
So, if you have increased the number of visitors to your website AND increased the conversion rate (i.e. to number of customers who buy from your online shop, or the number of phone calls or emails into the office asking for more details) then the benefits are obvious. but lets look ate the figures again:
10,000 visitor sessions at an increase in traffic of 319% means 31,900 visitor sessions.
100 conversions at an increase in conversion rate of 29% means 129 conversions.
Put the two together and an increase of visitor sessions to 31,900 with an increase in conversion rate of 29% would see 411 conversions.
So a combination of website visitor sessions increasing, and conversion rate optimisation would mean an increase in converting sales leads or orders of 411%

M3 Attend Google Partner Event

M3SM, Northampton - Google PartnerAs a Google Partner we are often invited to attend events in London, Manchester etc. On this occasion though, we were asked to present at a special Partners event.

The event itself was insightful and educational, as all the Partner events are. Through a series of educational hangouts, e-learning and live classes, some Partners, including Michael and Tracy from M3 Strategic Marketing, have enhanced their knowledge to such a level that Google currently consider M3 Strategic Marketing to be in the top 200 of all active UK and Ireland Partner agencies, as recognised by their entry into their Elevator Programme.
Tracy Spence - Google PartnerOur continued education helps us improve and enhance greatly the results we gain for our clients in various aspects of digital marketing. Meaning you don’t have to spend the time and effort in training your own staff to do this role.

Our team of staff are highly knowledgeable, experienced and trained in everything to do with Digital Marketing, and the majority are also Google Squared Graduates, too. In fact, one of our graduates passed with a distinction and obtained a special mention for helpfulness too at the awards ceremony in London, UK.

So, if your business need help and support with your Digital Marketing, you know who to call first!

#DevonMalcolm Cricket Brixworth

Devon Malcolm International XI vs Brixworth CC

Devon Malcolm’s benefit year is now in full swing, after the celebrity game at Brixworth cricket club. Devon picked through his contacts to find the best team he possibly could for the challenge of Brixworth who are in the Premier division of the Northamptonshire cricket league. Devon has a passion for giving children the chance to play cricket, this was apparent on the morning of the 3rd July when over 60 local primary school children received coaching from an array of Brixworth CC coaches, as well as ex-England players, Alex Tudor and Adam Hollioake.
The VIP marquee guests were then treated to a delicious three course meal, which was accompanied by the live steel drum band and a beautiful rendition of Nessun Dorma by the ex-Zimbabwean international Henry Olonga. The silent auction also took place, which along with the rest of the Benefit Year, was raising money for Devon’s three chosen charities, Chance to shine; The Lord’s Taverners; Jamaican Hospitals League of Friends.
The ground and wicket were in perfect condition for the T20 and the crowd was slowly building as the game commenced at 3pm. The International XI batted first and after a shaky start, they recovered to score 205-7, thanks largely to the power hitting from Alex Tudor (72 runs off 38 balls, including 10 fours and 4 sixes) and Northants player Rory Kleinveldt (84 runs off 38 balls, including 7 fours and 6 sixes). Brixworth fancied their chances none the less because of the aforementioned conditions; it was Tom Worthington and Fred Newborough who opened the batting for the home side, facing up against Devon Malcolm and Justin Brathwaite. They put on 80 for the first wicket and Brixworth were up with the run rate for a large part of the game, but some tight bowling from Martin Bicknell in the middle overs restricted the hosts to 190-5 from their 20 overs.
So, the International XI won by 15 runs, however, the day more importantly raised over £20,000 and a lot of awareness for the three charities.
For more information about the remaining events in the Benefit Year, visit the website:

#DevonMalcolm Cricket Brixworth

Friday 3 July sees a Devon Malcolm International XI take on Brixworth CC in a T20 match to raise funds for Devon’s 3 chosen charities at Brixworth Cricket Club in Northamptonshire.
The international team will include; Andrew Caddick, Alex Tudor, Andrew Hall (SA), Adam Hollioake, Martin Biknell, Kirk Edwards (WI), Ian Harvey (AUS), Paul Taylor, Henry Olonga, DEVON MALCOLM and others yet to be announced! Full marquee hospitality, including delicious lunch and afternoon tea and charity auction.
Game starts 2.30. Rum shack, jerk chicken and public bar. All welcome should be a great day. Bring your friends!!
Contact Christian Timm for marquee bookings

Public food stalls and bars with a distinctly Caribbean theme will also be set up to cater for those who simply want to turn up and watch the game.
Parking on site; £10 per car; £5 for walk-ins.
For more information or to purchase a table, contact Chris Timm on: 07718 628985 or
For more information, please visit his website 

SO, what’s our involvement? 
Devon Malcolm has been a client of ours for a number of years, starting with his Cricket company DEM Sports which supplies cricket equipment to clubs and schools.  Devon was very please with our customer services and asked us to create an online presence for his Benefit Year to include a new parallax website, and various Social Media platforms using #DevonMalcolm
Of course the M3SM team will be at this exciting event, so please watch for live blog commentary and don’t forget to share on Twitter or Facebook.
See you there.