HOW TO speed up Google Chrome

For months now, Google Chrome has been getting slower for us here in the M3SM office.
Google Chrome is such an impressive browser, with a lot of hidden and very useful applications, uses and extensions, that we are loathed to move over to a different, less friendly browser, and most definitely all of us refuse to use Internet Explorer unless we are testing websites as we build them, and even them we groan when we have to.
But with the extensions that we use in-house for Social Media especially, Chrome opens up a new iterence and causing your computer to become very slow.

We found the solution!

Its really very simple… Go To chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area
Change the default to 512
Scroll down to the bottom and Relaunch Google Chrome
HOW TO speed up Google Chrome
The system will go slow as it re-configures, for about 30 seconds, so you need to be really patient, and then the speed difference is instantaneous and significant.

Certified Hootsuite Professional

Hootsuite Certified ProfessionalAlthough M3SM have been using Hootsuite as a tool for many years now, time has always been against the team to gain the stamp of approval for their knowledge and expertise. That was until now, when Tracy Spence took a day out to go through the Hootsuite course and sit the exam.
Tracy not only passed the exam, but passed with 99% (what was that elusive 1%). As a Certified Hootsuite Professional, not only does Tracy now appear on their website, but it does mean that Tracy has access into incredible insights and benefits that this amazing tool has to offer.
Hidden deep within Hootsuite are analytics and data, and unbelievable ways to research, find now clients and new product markets too.
Tracy has delivered many training courses on Social Media, but with some additional knowledge gained whilst studying for this exam, Tracy feels that the M3SM Social Media Training Courses will take companies to the next level!

Mobilegeddon - googlebot activity

Back in February, Google announced it would be making significant changes to the way it shows websites within its search results.
This was made live today, and has been dubbed “Mobilegeddon” because of it’s potentially disastrous effect on companies search placings.
Google went to extensive efforts to inform companies of these changes, through webmaster emails, but still this pre-warning has been mostly ignored by small to medium businesses around the world.
We know that this algorithm change is likely to be bigger than Panda or Penguin.

Mobilegeddon - googlebot activityHow will it affect your business?

Are you one of those who panicked and made the change, or did you do like a lot of others and ignored the change?
Those who invested the time and money to make their website mobile friendly may reap the benefits over their online competition. Those that did not make the change may in fact not notice much difference. It is not fully dependent on your website after all.
You may fin yourself surrounded by a new list of online competitors that perhaps you have not encountered before. Alternatively, your known online competition may have done exactly the same as you did, in which case not much will change for your industry sector, especially those in a niche area may find hardly any difference at all.

What can I do?

If you see the results start to drop, now is the time to contact us to make changes to your website and the way you are found online, before it is unrecoverable.

EU Cookie law is here. This is what you need to know and how it affects your company.
The deadline is now less than a month away
What is the Law?
The EU cookie law requires all websites to notify users that the site uses cookies and to seek permission from the user for certain types of cookie. It has been in UK law since May 2011 but website owners have been allowed a year’s grace before the law is enforced. This grace period expires on the 26th May 2012. The fine for non-compliance is up to half a million pounds.
What is a Cookie?
Cookies are small bits of information that a website stores on your computer. They are usually there to make your browsing experience better or to gather information about the website user’s behaviour for the site owner. For example it allows a website to recognise if you have visited that site before or for information to be used with Google Analytics.
How Does it Affect Me?
If your company has a website, you will almost certainly have to make changes to your site to comply with the law.
How Can M3SM Help?
M3SM can run a full EU Cookie Compliance Audit on your website for just £85 plus VAT. This will include a full list of cookies your site uses and our recommendations for ensuring your site is compliant.
Just email and we will start the process for you and send you over the full report.
I’m sure you will agree that £85 plus VAT is a small price to pay to find out what you need to do to avoid the risk of a heavy fine of up to half a million pounds!
Kind Regards
Tracy Spence

We have been using Linked In company pages for a while, adding products and services and cololecting recommendations that stay with the company rather than the staff member.
Now Linked In have created a “Company Status Update” that goes to your Company Followers, rather than appearing on your connections status update area.
I guess this means we now have to work on gaining Company Followers too.
Linked In are also allowing us to see stattistics about your status updates, like Facebook, showing the number of impressions a post received, and the percentage of interaction.
All this additional information should make us all much better Social Media Marketers, as we understand our online user visitor behaviour more and more.
Thank you Linked In for giving us more to teach on our training courses, and another new slide to create.