A message from Bing.
“As of June 7th, the Bing Webmaster Tools site that you know has changed.

Bing has been investing in building its Webmaster Tools for a while now and we have recently launched a revised webmaster experience that offers expansion in tools, data coverage and content. The site redesign makes it easier for you to find content, tools and data to help meet your needs. Our new features include expanded functionality, and the data that coincides with these new features. With over 40 new self-help documents on hand, publishers now have access to a wide range of help and guidance content across various topics such as how to use our tools and search engine optimization.
New Bing Toolbox Site
As part of our investment, we’ve built new functionality to help publishers find relevant data and control their accounts. Here are some of the major features and improvements Bing Webmaster account users will see:
– Crawl delay configurable by the hour
? Control when and at what pace Bing crawls your website
– User and role management
? Control who can access your Bing Webmaster account and what functions they can use
– Index Explorer
? Improvements to reliability and how fast data appears in your reports
– URL Normalization
? Manage which URLs from your site Bing holds in its index
– Deep Links Management
? Manage which deep links are shown for your website, when your domain is selected
Beyond the updated and enhanced features, Bing Webmaster Tools has also launched detailed self-help guides and how-to documents. We’ve covered a wide range of topics, from how to accomplish tasks within Bing Webmaster tools, to what you should be focused on when performing search engine optimization. Here’s a quick peek at some of the new content topics in the 40+ new guides and how to documents launched:

  • Using Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Webmaster Tools Data explained
  • How to perform Link Building
  • Removing or blocking pages from our index
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidance
  • Managing URL parameters
  • Implementing Rich Snippets (www.schema.org)
  • Managing Canonicalization (duplicate content)
  • Managing redirects
  • 404 page management
  • Rich Media and Search

Watch for new content to appear monthly as we invest further in explaining features and highlight areas of work webmasters are focused on.
Visit Bing Webmaster Tools to see the new features in your account, and to access the new content. ”
I hope that helps…