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Digital marketing is important for all businesses and at every stage of their life cycle. A lack of investment in marketing might not seem like an issue initially, but it may well put a company at a disadvantage later on. To stand out against competitors, a company should carefully consider the marketing messages it wants to present, the footprint it wants to create, and how to best do this.

Even in difficult times, well-considered marketing can allow your business to get the attention it deserves.

Is marketing really important?

The short answer is yes! You might think that we say this out of pure bias, but we really know the transformative power that marketing can have. The M3 team have seen first-hand how our marketing tactics have made huge differences for a whole range of clients in various sectors. Don’t believe us? Just read one of our case studies.

Digital marketing for each business stage 

Development and Launch: When a business is in the early stages of development, having a clear idea about marketing strategy is vitally important. A digital marketing strategy will inform the kinds of people who hear about a business, how many people hear about them, and what an individual’s initial impression will be. When the business launches, successful digital marketing will ensure that people talk about the business and those people say the right things. It helps the business to be found more easily and for the desired buzz to grow.

Growth and Maturity: With growth, a business may choose to diversify their digital marketing channels. When they become more established, innovative and effective digital marketing will help to ensure that a business doesn’t get forgotten and is still seen as relevant. The business may build up an archive of helpful blogs, become prominent on social media, or have regular newsletters.

Decline: Every business will have its own struggles to a greater or lesser degree. Forbes notes that there are Five Reasons that 8 Out Of 10 Businesses Fail. These are:

  1. Not being in touch with customers through deep dialogue
  2. Lack of unique value propositions
  3. Failure to communicate value in clear, concise and compelling ways
  4. Leadership breakdown 
  5. Inability to nail a profitable business model 

Nevertheless, marketing can make a difference for a number of these points. Good digital marketing will allow a business to keep in touch with customers by using the right dialogue. It will also use the right tools to communicate the value of the company to online communities. 

Shouldn’t I cut my marketing budget?

Many companies are tempted to cut their marketing budget when money becomes tight. However, this can often only further the decline. Just when a struggling business is likely to benefit most from more people hearing about them (whether through savvy social media campaigns, targeted SEO practices, or cleverly designed Google Ads) some view marketing as a waste of time. However, this is when you should consider wisely investing in digital marketing even more.

How can marketing help when business is tough?

We’re all guilty of spending too much time online, but businesses can use this to their advantage and meet their customers where they are. In fact, when done correctly, digital communication can be a great way to achieve mass reach!

Although part of your marketing budget may go towards printed materials and in-person events, the digital landscape should never be neglected. Comprehensive digital marketing presents a range of unique opportunities; it helps you to not only find new customers, but to nurture the connections you already have in a convenient way. By fostering your online relationships, you can continue to build brand awareness and trust, and are therefore more likely to see an improvement in fulfilling business objectives.

So whether you’re B2B or B2C, having adaptable and responsive digital  marketing is crucial for longevity. Having a strong brand and resilient marketing strategy will ensure that you are set to weather the worst storms as best as you can. Many companies take a digital-first approach to marketing, and in an increasingly technological world, it’s easy to see why. Digital marketing is clearly here to stay.

M3 Strategic Marketing: digital marketing for your business

Thankfully, it’s never too late to get started with digital marketing. At M3SM, we believe that it’s always helpful to reevaluate how to make the most out of your online presence and to check that your marketing activities are meeting your needs. 

The landscape of digital marketing is always changing, and it can definitely be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. Furthermore, even when you know what the latest trends are, it can be hard to know which approach your business should take and how exactly to do it!

That’s where we can step in and help. We offer an extended range of services that we tailor to fit our client’s needs. 

You might be interested in:

  • Creating an eye-catching landing page that makes customers want to learn more about you
  • Refreshing your website so that it gets you the traffic you desire 
  • Rewriting the copy and content for your website so you can maximise your SEO efforts
  • Having better management of your social media accounts so that you reach your customers where they’re mostly likely to be

Fortunately, our services include:

  • Websites: You wouldn’t believe how many companies have old information on their own website- from phone numbers that are now disconnected to naming services they no longer provide. A good digital marketing company can help you keep these things up to date. Our web designers create sites that are slick, easily navigable, and considerate of conversions.
  • Social Media: In 2019, the average Internet user had at least 7 social media accounts (up from 3 just 5 years ago!). Just think about all the people you could miss out on by neglecting your social media presence! Whether Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, or emerging platforms, we can expertly manage your company’s socials.
  • Web Analytics: M3SM is well versed in all aspects of Google Analytics. This even includes creating advanced tracking solutions to track custom elements of your website.
  • Google Ads: Our experience in Google Ads means that we can find you cost-effective solutions. We can create targeted campaigns so that you reach your intended audiences.
  • Content Strategy: Content is a specialty of ours. We manage every stage of a content strategy- research, planning, content creation, and optimisation.
  • Email Marketing: We’re pleased to design custom email campaigns that remind customers of what you offer and why they should keep coming back to you.
  • SEO: Search engine optimisation is an essential part of digital marketing. Let us do the hard work and help to get you found for the terms that you want. 

We want to see your business succeed and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen. Even if you’re not sure where to start, M3SM will be able to guide through the best options for you.

Contact us for quality digital marketing

Whether you already have a comprehensive marketing strategy and are wondering how to enhance it, or you’re just considering dipping your toe into the digital marketing pool, we would love to hear from you

As digital marketing specialists, we:

  • Evaluate how you currently appear to your customers
  • Understand your unique selling points and value propositions
  • Consider what channels and methods will be most effective for the marketing of your business  
  • Execute your marketing strategy and frequently review, so that adjustments can be made in your best interests

We listen to your business objectives, work around your budget and use our many years of industry expertise to get you the best results.

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